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Belagaum Animal Rescue and Care (BARC) organization Belagavi

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The stray dog menace hasn’t been controlled by the Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) and it has failed in tackling the nuisance of stray dogs since more than a decade.

Now a group of animals lovers who have come under the banner of Belagaum Animal Rescue and Care (BARC) organization Belagavi has come forward to take up the challenge to provide a permanent solution to the problem without harming the dogs.

The stray dog menace can be curbed with systematic and proper methodology and the members of BARC have come forward to take up the responsibility.

Belagavi Animal Rescue and Care (BARC) organization BelagaviPresident of BARC Surya B Kulkarni said that vaccination, sterilization, and adoption can play a major role in bringing control on the menace of the stray dogs. He said that BARC has been doing activities for the welfare of animals in trouble in urban territories since last several months.

Sucheta Inamdar, Director, BARC said that the members of the organization have been engaged in doing welfare activities for the stray animals like providing medical aid to the injured and sick animals, helping people adopt them and more by spending from their own pockets.

Varun Karkhanis, Director, BARC said that awareness will be created in the society for changing the negative attitude of people about stray animals.

BARC has approached BCC to provide it more than 5 gunta land for establishing a shelter for the helpless and sick stray animals within the outskirts of city premises. That center will take care of all ill and injured stray animals. Their vaccination and sterilization will be taken care of.

Currently, as they don’t have a shelter they can only undertake care to a limited extent, but if the Corporation can allot them one place it will help them to open a complete shelter for all animals.

They are in need a Van and are looking forward to animal lovers to give a lending hand.

Contact: 8147306360

37 thoughts on “Belagaum Animal Rescue and Care (BARC) organization Belagavi”

  1. We are having a huge trouble due to the stray dogs in our colony and another major problem is been occured is lunatic and mad dogs around. We need a permanent solution. Kindly accept our request.
    Nargundkar colony Guruprasad nagar Mandoli road Belgaum

  2. I have a stray dog puppy that I picked up in a bus stop today morning because of his dreadful condition and it needs health care can you please pick it up or should I bring him to you. I am not allowed to adopt him so can you please help.

  3. Need urgent help for a she dog kept in undersized cage locked by chain
    She cries thru the day and night urgent help required

    Address : Siddhakala Nilayam, Near ashirwad Mangal Karyalay , Angol rd

  4. There is a small puppy in KLE hospital campus and it is very friendly I would like to know if you’ll could take it and find a forever home for him/her.

    • A dog is stuck in a gutter near sambhaji road beside corporate house.
      Location near tulsi katta makers in gade marg.
      Please do the needful now

  5. Please do visit Camp specially near South traffic police station . U will find lots of stray Dogs…. These strag dogs causing nuisance to all passers by… specially in morning and night time. My contact no 9743087868.Mohsin

  6. On Deshmukh road 1 stray dog is in bad condition ,he/she is very sick and become so skinny. It needs medical treatment please help him/her. Please.


  7. There is a stray dog whi is badly infected with some disease. It’d be very Greatful if you could cure it. Location :- ganeshour , near Maruti mandir.

  8. Thank you very much BARC for attending the call. I am really happy to share the message about the immediate response by the BARC team in rescuing the puppy which is seriously injured with open wound and bone exposed out. I am grateful to Ms. Apoorva Chikkamath madam, Mr. Shankar Dodmani and the BARC team for their timely help and I pray God that your effort in treating the puppy will be successful.

    Vinodh Kumar .S. Mannur

  9. Please help a stray dog in maratha colony , he is infected with skin problem,looks very weak,he might not make it if treatment not given, all his hair have shredded …pls help him

  10. Ishan Apt, Nanawadi , need urgent sterilization for female pups as they have grown, also female dogs need to be sterilized, this i had already have been discussed with mr.Rohan.

  11. Please koi help kar sakta hai to mujhe contact kariye hamne har jagah call kiya koi help nai kar raha mai belgaum mai hu mere ghar ke pass ek egale jisse shayad pankh mai chot lagi hai mujhe pata nai mai kissi call karu agar ap help kar sakte hai please contact kariye

  12. Hey guys this is really a great work!
    Being a pet lover it’s very hard to c somebody treating pets rudely! ☹️anyways.. Even though a kind of small thing I m ready to help frm my side.. If possible!

  13. We actually found a cat injured and its leg is totally dislocated and its swelling very badly we actually know who are the caretakers but they can’t take care of it so they want someone to take care of it so PLZZ can anybody take care of it
    My addres : shreenagar channamma society belagavi

  14. A group of boys from age group of 12-17 are torturing a young horse.
    They are sitting on him and riding and hitting him continuously with sticks. They are not letting him rest and giving him water.
    It is pure sign of animal cruelty.
    This is happening just in front of the sharqat park gate.
    Please help him

  15. Sir mera naam nadeem hai main vandana colony sahu nagar belagvi main rahta hoon.
    Hamare ghar ke pass ek chota kutta hai uska jabda (jaw) cut huwa hai. Please aap isko rescue karo.
    shayad wo joinda rahega kay nahi pata nahi

    Land mark near subhaniya masjid

    I have post this message with pic, still no response from you.

  16. On Behind Jain Basti, R C Nagar,(Vishwakarma colony Plot No 120) Belagavi 1 stray dog is in bad condition ,he/she is very sick and become so skinny. It needs medical treatment please help him/her. Please.

    • On Behind Jain Basti, R C Nagar,(Vishwakarma colony Plot No 120) Belagavi 1 stray dog is in bad condition ,he/she is very sick and become so skinny. It needs medical treatment please help him/her. Please.

      • We have some stray dog puppies which needs a shelter. Can you please help ?

        You may call me at 9743972074

        Santosh Bhosale

  17. Hiii sir , ek bird 2 din se plant pe atka hua hai please help karo usko nikalne me humne koshish ki but nahi aa raha isliye aap ko msg kar rahe hai nahi to vo mar jayenga .

  18. A person who ran car in high speed and end car over street puppy and kept going and it was alive for few seconds and I was trying to get him up but it was badly injured and died in few seconds and There are 5 more puppies left. There are brutal people here they don’t even slow down their vehicles when dogs are in the middle of the road. This happened in our area Belgaum (Mal maruti extension ).please let us know that how do we contact Animal Rescue Department to save at least other 5puppies. Please please help us on this to get connect with Animal Rescue Team.thanks 🙏🏻

  19. I saw a puppy with both the back leg broken near my house but i don’t know how to help it. Is there any way u can rescue it I have provided it food and shelter for now plz help

    Address : pant nagar honnihal extension, near sai mandir belgaum

  20. I saw the a dog at my house back side a dog with both the back leg injured I don’t know how to help it please Is there any way please come and help it

    Address: mahadwa Roda second cross aira back side road

  21. We are facing huge challenge due to the stray dogs in our colony, the kids cannot even go to shops or garden in the morning as there is a fear that they stray dog may attack them. Few dogs are having some disease also, this is an alarming situation as it may spread some disease in the colony.
    Kindly take immediate action on this and resolve this issue on priority.
    Bhavani Nagar Mandoli road Belgaum

  22. I have 2 Dogs at home one is stray dog( Tuffy) which is with us from her birth and 1 i recused in mumbai (Shadow) and leave at my native place with my parenst. And 2 days back Tuffy gave birth 4 puppies. But we cant able care all of them at same time. I need help for all those puppies which needs a shelter. Can you please help ?

    Kindly Contact me On – Ankur Pradhan – 9969831024

  23. Dog menace in Hanuman nagar, Belagavi. Kindly take immediate action as they target senior citizens who go for walks and kids who have to go to school. Thanks in advance


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