Online fraud cases on the rise: Be wise

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With the advent of technology, the fraudsters have found new ways to con people. The use of OTP is one way, while others opt to use websites.

The online fraud cases are reported on the drastic rise, which has victimized several innocent persons in Belagavi in recent days.

Uzeerahmed Kagzi, resident of Malmaruti Extention was in search of some furniture wherein he noted furniture for sale in Belagavi. The furniture was felt to be much more expensive, but the selling price on the website was just Rs 8,500. Kagzi left his contact number for the seller on the website, after which the seller called and identified himself as Akshay Singh on Tuesday.

Kagzi thought it to be a good deal but wanted to have a first-hand look at the furniture. Responding to the same, Singh asked him to meet at the Airport in Sambra and he will show the furniture. Kagzi reached the Airport after which Singh asked him to get the gate pass for which he has to pay a deposit Rs 560 per person, which was refundable. As Kagzi was accompanied by one of his friends, he asked to deposit Rs 1,020. However, when inquired to which counter the deposit has to be paid, Singh asked to wait as he will call back immediately.

Kagzi said that Singh again called back immediately and asked him to pay the amount in a provided online account and he will arrange the gate passes. Kagzi denied and said he is ready to pay only to the official personnel’s at the airport and not to any online account. Singh tried to convince Kagzi, but he stood firm with his decision. Due to the same, Singh disconnected the phone and after that his mobile phone has remained switched-off. The logic and practical thinking of Kagzi saved him from becoming victim to the online cheaters.

Several fraud messages are going viral on mobile phones and people need to be alert to skip from getting victimized to them.

Never share your OTP with anyone. If you receive an OTP for a transaction that was not initiated by you, then immediately contact the bank or card issuer. Be extra careful not to share the OTP, especially over a phone call. It may be a fraudster who has initiated the transaction and would be seeking the OTP from you to complete it. In case you receive such a call asking for OTP, then it is time for you to immediately change your password for that account.

Card verification value (CVV) is used in situations where the personal identification number (PIN) cannot be used. The CVV is printed on the reverse of a credit or debit card. For such transactions, like at an ATM or point of sales (POS) terminal (shop), the customer is required to enter the PIN to validate the transaction. However, despite instructions by banks, people are found sharing PINs with near and dear ones. Some even write it on a paper and keep it along with the card or share it with restaurant waiters while paying their bills. No wonder, a thief would have a ball, if he lays his hands on it.

2 thoughts on “Online fraud cases on the rise: Be wise”

  1. The Same Case has been done with me
    Abdulla I Sarakhavas
    Prop : Toufik Sewing Machine Co Gokak

    A Man Named Rinku Kumar, works in army.
    Called to my busniess no and started asking the Details of my product, I explaind it all as usual I do after an 1 hour he Called told me give the Expencive item.
    Then i explaind him with 30500 machine then he orderd me that he want 10 machines.
    So i Calculated the amount i told him to paybme some advance and i will deliver him product to his address which he told was local address.

    He called and asked my Google pay num then he Did a trap that he should pay me the amount but he requested the amount of 25000 to me
    I asked him why u r requsting me money insted u of paying he told his A/c submerged so it be shown has rqstng but the amount be credited to ur A/c .
    I was confused and clicked on pay option…
    But co incidence my A/c balnce was low that time with 23800 so i got safed with msg i got that ur A/c bal is low.
    I warned him what the hell r u doing so he scared and cut the phone …
    Be Carefull


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