Belagavi Art Festival (BAF) 2021

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Belagavi Art Festival (BAF) is the new initiative in the city curated & cultured by GubbiBoo venture for performing and fine arts and Rostrum Diaries which was launched at Sapna Book House, Belagavi on 21/11/2021.

The festival was inaugurated by Shri Jagdish Kunte, renowned cartoonist; Mrs. Madhu Thirani, a well-established art consultant and Mr. Bhaukul Joshi, a pioneer architect. Art Festival is an initiative to encourage all the artists in the city – said the curator of the festival – Abhishek Bendigeri who is the founder of GubbiBoo & Rostrum Diaries.

The guest of honors were Mr. Raghu, Mgr, Sapna Book House, Dr.Madhav Prabhu, from Jnmc, Mr. Ashutosh David, educationist, Mr. Rishikesh Desai, Journalist, Mr. Pushkar Ogale, charted accountant and Ms. Shreya Deshpande, eminent young artist. The festival was blessed by having many artists across Belagavi who came in large numbers to celebrate & participate.

The Registration is free and the event is open for all age groups. All artworks will be displayed at the Art Exhibition and all participants to get Free participation certificate for enrolling.

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Exciting awards for winners worth INR 50,000/-. One can enroll by visiting Sapna book house, near Shri Krishna Devaraya Circle (Kolhapur Circle) Belagavi. For Enquiries contact 0831 4255499 or visit

Team Rostrum Diaries organized this event for art lovers and art passionate and started the event with a good response. The members of the team were Aishwarya Raikar, Anoop Badiger, Arun Jugali, Rajesh Patnaik, Varsha Bakare & Abhishek Bendigeri

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