Open live wire takes life of a dog on Smart road

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In a very unfortunate incident, a dog was killed as it touched a live wire on the KPTCL smart road near KPTCL samudaya bhavan on Friday night.

The cable is said to be the Smart city street light cable that was live.

The dog which was walking on the road came in contact with the live wire and died on the spot.

The owner rushed to the spot, but the dog was dead. The double road, the first Smart road under the Belagavi Smart city has claimed one more life.

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Many use the road for walking since 5 am and what if some person had come in contact with the live wire?

Will the Belagavi Smart city improve its working or as usual will pass on the baton on the contractor or someone else.

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  1. We the citizens only have to be alert and conscious and adequately careful. After all, it is our life!! Probably those who left the live wire open and definitely the current running through the wire, do not differentiate between humans and dogs.

  2. Negligence of contractors and agencies monitoring project. Gov’t should take them to task .Chltahi attitude to be strongly condemned.

  3. Pathetic condition of Belgaum due to half complete smart City project. Loss of life is bound to happen due to apathy of district administration. We should be careful

  4. Sheer negligence on the part of the authorities…it may be an animal or a human being…poor dog…don’t know how the owner of the dog must be feeling…
    Wake up …pull up ur socks before another life goes

  5. Very shameful to the smart city authorities. Who’s is responsible for this incident it may be life of animal or human beings. Today animal and tomorrow may be human being.. Is this smart is authorities are having any safety procedures in place or simply finishing their work..
    Requst to higher authorities Pls look into this and take necessary steps immediately…

    If nobody taken actions we may loose something again…

    Pls take necessary actions and precautions safety measures

  6. Mistake is of both sides dog owners should no how to take care of their dogs they don’t think in camp area on main main road they take the dogs on roads public they don’t allow to walk and drive their vehicles intentionally they push the dogs on people or on vehicles and more thanvthese military people come for arguments roads are meant for public for movement and not for their dogs enjoyment how the people move on road and otherside hescoms Mistake I agree those people are not worried about anyone s life


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