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Belagavi BJP legislators protest at SVS as Private members is disallowed

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Both the BJP MLA’s from Belagavi namely Abhay Patil of South and Anil Benake of North staged a protest on the stairs of the SVS today as the Speaker disallowed a private members bill to be tabled.

The private member’s bill was meant for the establishing of an IT park in the city which would boost the economy here, as per the MLA’s.

Assembly speaker Ramesh Kumar denied permission for the moving the private members bill.


Both the MLAs protested by sitting on the stairs of the SVS with placards which said, Why is the Session been held in Belagavi when bills related to the development cannot be moved in the assembly.

4 thoughts on “Belagavi BJP legislators protest at SVS as Private members is disallowed”

  1. My compliments to both the honourable MLAs for taking up the cause of Belagavi rightfully during the current Assembly Sesssion. If time is insufficient the Speaker may ask the Govt to extend the Session.

  2. This hopeless Govt. and CM and other ministers never shown interest in developing our city. Even Siddu also never shown interest. Especially our local leaders Jharkiholi brothers also doing same thing. Both are busy in gain power in state politics. Hence both are useless for our District. If things are going like this what people can do? Definitely they will go for separate statehood. Some time I feel that better Belgaum should go to Maharashtra or make it union territory. Atleast we can get freedom from these bloody idiot politicians.


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