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Swacch Bharat mission goes for a toss with No toilets at protest venue

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Belagavi city and Belagavi Cantonment have been declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) city. But the district administration has failed in facilitating toilets at the protest venue besides Suvarna Vidhan Soudha (SVS).

This has created inconvenience to the agitators and police deputed there, but also the farmers around who are forced to become watchman guarding their fields.

Each year with the commencement of the Winter session a separate space is acquired from farmers and it becomes the designated space for protests during the session near the SVS. Drinking water has been provided but this time the District administration has forgotten to install toilets and due to which each one of the protectors and the police have to ease themselves in the nearby fields.


How did the administration forget to put up toilets?

People from across the state are coming at the venue for agitation and finding no place to attend natures call or urinate, with no option left prefer to go in fields. From here commences the problem of the farmers who own fields around the protest venue. While for the men agitators the boundaries of the fields have turned in to toilets, for women they have left with no option but to enter into the fields within crops for privacy. But for farmers, such activities are damaging their crops and so they have started guarding their fields to stop people entering in there.

Farmers like Basawant Tivannappa Desai, who owns land adjacent to the protest venue, was seen shouting at the people who tried to trespass in his field. Protesters are stepping in his fields and are unknowingly damaging the crops which he has cultivated. Due to the same, he has put thorny bushes around his field, to restrict people from entering inside. But then too they enter, he said.

The govt spends so much on advertisements of Govt schemes but, the Govt itself forgets that Defecation in the open is awful.

Now will the district administartion pay for the losses of the farmers?

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  1. Instead of big..flag. you people wud have planned for public toilet’s. Tht wud be wonderful idea. Public toilet and it’s maintenance is to be 1st priority.


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