30-40 routes could be connected by different airlines – Angadi

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Member of Parliament Suresh Angadi has tweeted that
Spoke 2 all airlines & they have shown interest in 30 to 40 routes for Belagavi. Once I receive official confirmation I will share the list. Ops are expected 2 start from Jan. Once state govt sends request to centre I will get the name changed from sambra 2 Rani chanamma Airport.

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Currently, the bidding process under UDAN 3 is in process and date has been extended to December 17.

However, the date of the final announcement of the successful bidders will be done on January 7.

Sources have also confirmed that the Belagavi – Mumbai route is included in UDAN 3 RCS and Carriers will get VGF Benefit.

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  1. Good news.. thanks for the best efforts from all specially Shri Suresh angadi ji
    It will be helpful for all the people traveling specially to Mumbai and other North Indian cities


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