Belagavi Cantonment plans to collect Parking fees from 2,3,4,6 Wheeler’s at 17 locations

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The Belagavi Cantonment has floated tenders for the collection of the Parking Fees from two, three, four and six wheelers from the following locations

(1) Inside Cattle Market

(2) Kaladagi Road (Both side)

(3) New Head Post Office Road

(4) Bewoor Road

(5) Vengurla Road

(6) Vengurla Road in front of St. Xavier’s High School

(7) Area in front of Railway Station (Both side)

(8) Railway Station Bus Stand

(9) Parking lot at Bogarves oar BC 126

(10) RTO Road (both side)

(11) Area in front of 32 Old Mochi Line

(12) Area of GLR Sy. No. 270 near Cantonment Board Office

(13) Mutton Butcher Street Opp Fish Market

(14) Near BC No. 124 84 150.

(15) North Telegraph Road

(16) Near BC No. 147

(17) Area in front of Club Road and Point Road (whenever program or functions are organized on the CP Ed. Ground only) excluding Military Area and Schools Zones in Belagavi Cantonment as per the rates and Map provided herewith.

Prescribed Parking FEES: 

Two Wheelers- Rs. 10 for 4 hours
Rs. 20 after 4 hours

Car – Rs.40 per car for 4 hours
Rs. 20  for every 2 hours

Lorries Rs. 50 6. per lorry per hour
Rs.200/- per lorry per day

Cart Rs. 10,- per cart per day

Tempo Rs. 50/- per hour Rs. 100 Per day

Three/Pour Wheeler Share Auto Rs. 30/- per day

The parking fees would be collected after the new work order is issued somewhere in January end of 2020.


1 thought on “Belagavi Cantonment plans to collect Parking fees from 2,3,4,6 Wheeler’s at 17 locations”

  1. Belgaum Cantonment boards plan to impose parking fee is regressive step. In fact parking must made made available to all citizens f O c.
    Even the Belgaum city corporation also must not collect parking fee. They are not providing any safety for the parked vehicle.
    Citizens must register their protest for such acts by local body.


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