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Its Belagavi CBT Bhagya Work commences

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Take this to be the Bhagya (fate) of the Belagavi Central bus stand, the work for the modernization of the same has been commenced at last after planning since 2009.

Take is at 8 years meticulous planning of the state and department the work has commenced.

All the platforms, shops in the current inter city bus terminus would be demolished first and this would be shifted to the newly laid city bus stand made in 2015 adjacent to its current premises.

The two wheeler parking however will be kept at the old bus stand premises only for a while.

Foundation stone laid for Modern Bus station at Belagavi was laid on December 3, 2016 and work has begun on small scale as of now.

cbt-plan-newContractor: Mansaram Vikram Pawar ( HARSH CONSTRUCTIONS PVT LTD )
Time required: 24 months
Cost: Rs.32,48,54,759.59

The project includes construction of new modern bus station, covered accommodation, Parking Area pavement concrete, City bus shelter, Water supply, Sanitary, Electrical H.T. Works, Wiring, lighting, fire fighting etc., as directed by the Engineer in-charge of work.

In February 2009 a similar Request for proposal was first floated to be built on PPP model but with no bids were received in that format.
In 2010 again similar tender was floated to be built on Lease-cum-Development Format Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT) basis.
But there were no takers for this plan and even after the RFP/ Tenders were open for two occasions no one actually bid for it.


The project site (CBT and divisional Workshop) the current bus stand it self. The existing Belgaum Central Bus Station of NWKRTC is located in the heart of Belgaum city on an area of 3.08 acres. The adjacent NWKRTC Divisional Workshop is located on 4.68 acres.

The new bus stand will have 41 bus bays, bus circulation and parking areas, auto-rickshaw lane, taxi parking lane, basement parking for private vehicles, passenger entry/ exit, Terminal building consisting of passenger circulation and waiting areas, ticket/ reservation counters, cloak room, first-aid room, waiting rooms, passenger amenities like drinking water, toilets, yatri nivas etc., restaurant, shops, kiosks and administrative offices, crew restrooms, parcel office and other facilities.

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  1. On my short visit to Belgavi in Dec.2016 last, I happened to visit this old CBT. witnessed Lots of traffic congestions specially during peak hrs. Now the entire old CBT is to undergo New modernisation ( and it was about time to do so by the authorities), Well Lets Hope this project takes off quickly and construction is completed FAST !!!! Where There Is a Will– There is a Way !!!!!!!!!!_____

  2. it’s great news for Belgavi People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But there same is Prayer & Temple area is better because, some People are coming For Maharashtra,Goa. Andhra pradesh & telangana ,Etc
    but anyway No Prob;em Is Great haaaaaaaaaa

  3. Its unjustified Belagavi being second capital of Karnataka, this low standard of Bus terminal?
    Just have a look AT SHIMOGGA BUS TERMINAL !!
    Why discrimination ?

    Is our city have lesser status than Shimoga ? Authorities must think twice before completion of such lolw standard bus terminal.


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