Belagavi Chorla Goa Road Repair Kickstarted; Budget of 59 Crore Allocated

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Today marks the commencement of repair work on the Chorla road, the vital link between Belagavi and Goa. District Guardian Minister and Public Works Minister Satish Jarkiholi at Kankumbi launched the initiative.

A substantial budget of 58 crore 90 lakh rupees has been earmarked for the overhaul of this 43-kilometer stretch. Chorla Road serves as the primary route from Belagavi to Goa, making its refurbishment crucial. Despite ongoing construction activities at the outset of this project, the road’s current condition necessitates urgent attention.

The repair work of State Highway-748A up to the Belagavi-Chorla-Goa border 43.35 km road, with drain and bridge construction works has been taken up and will be completed within 11 months.

The construction department has outlined plans to address the section from Rankundaye cross to the Goa border. Minister Jarkiholi has emphasized the importance of expedited repairs while maintaining impeccable standards of quality.

chorla goa repair

Acknowledging persistent calls for action regarding the road’s condition, Minister Satish Jarkiholi promptly secured the necessary funds for its restoration. Additionally, Minister Nitin Gadkari, during his recent visit to Belagavi, underscored the significance of enhancing connectivity along the Belagavi-Goa route, further catalyzing the repair efforts.

The Chorla road serves as a lifeline for thousands of daily commuters, offering a preferred alternative to the time-consuming and expensive Belagavi-Anmod-Goa route, currently under construction. Notably, this route is particularly popular among shoppers from Goa who frequent Belagavi, as well as pilgrims who traverse between the two destinations over weekends.

Despite its inclusion in the Bharatmala Yojana for improvement, delays have impeded the initiation of work on Chorla Road. Consequently, the Public Works Department has prioritized its urgent repair to alleviate the inconvenience faced by travelers and bolster regional connectivity.

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