Belagavi city declared Open Defecation Free

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The Belagavi City corporation in its general body meeting passed a resolution even after it was opposed to the effect that Belagavi city is an Open Defecation Free (ODF) city. The Belagavi Cantonment was declared ODF on 02-08-2017.


There are no public toilets in the main city area and many other places then how does the city become ODF city questions were raised.

In the next fortnight objections have been called for after which the official announcement will be made.

There are many areas where the defecation in the open continues even today but giving a blind eye to the same the corporation wants to declare it ODF city.

3 thoughts on “Belagavi city declared Open Defecation Free”

  1. As I know Govt Urdu School no 7 Vadgaon still has no toilets, no urinals. Even Education Dept, Corporation or Zilla panchayat did not given any fund for toilets to this school. How corporation declare this. IT is totally false declaration.

  2. The problem with the city is that ,money allocated for this project is put into pockets of higher authorities, who have no self consciousness. People of the city need to wake up and stop this madness by punishing them lawfully, without tackling corruption, there would be no improvement. Smart city needs to have smarter people to lead.

  3. When nature calls to release unwanted products from ones body and there are no toilet facilities available for that purpose, and so, what is the next best option? And the surprising answer would be to use the open field for that purpose right? So then does the smart city has an obligation to make a smart decision to have that particular need met ,or keep on complaining about open field which is being used for defecation by the residents ? Who do we blame ? Of course the pointy finger points to citizens while other four fingers are pointing to the lawmakers and leaders. It’s time for us to wise up in this modern era, to show our integrity not our stupidity because, people all around us are watching our actions as to what we do and how we do it to lead the community.


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