Belagavi clears Smart Cities audit – tops amongst Karnataka cities


Belagavi clears with top honors for SMART city from Karnataka, other cities like Bengaluru, Hubballi-Dharwad.
Now the list from Karnataka would be sent to the centre where again there would be a Audit and the first list 40 Smart cities would be belgaum belagavi

City engineer R S Nayak gave a complete presentation for the said audit at the state level at the ministry of urban development, Karnataka.
Now the said list would be forwarded to the centre for further assessment but as Belagavi has topped the state it is certain that Belagvi would be included in the Smart cities first list.


The Centre’s smart city initiative is aimed at enhancing the quality of urbanization in 100 cities across the country. Smart cities will receive funding to boost core infrastructure including water, power, sanitation, transport, housing and digital connectivity. They are also expected to push for e-governance and cleaner environmental standards. Such urban centres aim to use information technology for a more efficient delivery of civic services.

Each smart city will receive central funds worth Rs 500 crore over a five-year period. It will also receive Rs 250 crore funding from the state government and a similar amount from the urban local body, spread over a five-year span. This means that each smart city should be capable of executing work amounting to Rs 1,000 crore over five years.



  1. hy gyz I hve an unbelievable idea to drop ma ideas which can make belgaum city in best around india ,i can make belgaum proud in just 1 crore… and dats ma challenge…

  2. First plan for outer ring roads so that heavy vehicles will not enter the city.secondly plan for ksrtc bus terminus @ outskirts like khanapur road, near kakati and also near suvarn vidhan soudha. City bus terminus is to be expanded.the city centre panaji highway to be widened neatly ,occupying more area.

  3. Smart needs clean enviorment like
    Free from Air pollution (All vevhiles should have enviromental norms)
    Free from Noise pollution ( using lound speakers every day should be stopped)
    Free from Garbage (All should take inicitative in maintaing cleanliness)
    Should be good place from Investors to invest

    More over……………..
    City should be free from communal violence and leave in peace and not piece piece

  4. Belgaum has all the potential to develop as future metro..with its cosmopolitan outlook,mix of cultural diversity.. proximity to goa , n maharastra..presence of military , air force , n air port.what is required is the vision n leadership..which it lacks..more of political n administrative leadership..looks like some feaudal elements have their hold..common man doesnt hv voice..nevertheless some change oriented ppl n bisiness ppl needs to take initiative

  5. It is really good news. However, the first priority is to cleanse the garbage lying in every nook and corner of the city. In particular garbage in front of Vijaylaxmi arcade (Federal Bank) near Tarun Bharat is unbearable and mocks at PM Modiji’s Swatch Bharat project. cleaning the garbage has to be the top and immediate priority, irrespective of whether Belagavi is approved for Smart city or not. corporation officials, elected members please do something!

  6. smart city doesn’t means only –dc office , sp ofice and top roads and e highlighting as smart city , pls go and see depth of city where the garbage is lying since one month, no proper water etc try to improve it, peoples r paying from hand to get corporation work done . every where corruption in belgaum.


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