Belagavi connected directly to 15 cities by air

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On January 25, 2019 the routes for UDAN 3.0 were announced and it was a happy moment for citizens of Belagavi as 13 routes under UDAN were allotted to Belagavi the highest than to any city. Out of the 13 routes, 12 routes are operational except the one to Jaipur by StarAir.

The city of Belagavi is connected to as many as 15 cities in the country directly with 12 destinations having nonstop flights while 3 have connecting flights.

However, currently, Trujet flights have been suspended due to issues within the company.

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NON-STOP Flights

1. Belagavi – Bengaluru
2. Belagavi – Delhi

3. Belagavi – Mumbai (2)

4. Belagavi – Hyderabad (2)

5. Belagavi – Ahmedabad

6. Belagavi – Surat

7. Belagavi – Pune

8. Belagavi – Nagpur (April 16)

9. Belagavi – Jodhpur

10. Belagavi – Nashik

11. Belagavi – Indore

12. Belagavi – Tirupati

Connecting – One Stop

1. Belagavi – Kalaburagi (via Tirupati)

2. Belagavi – Kishangarh (via Surat)

3. Belagavi – Nashik (via Pune)

Udan Routes

1. Belagavi to Hyderabad – InterGlobe (Indigo), SpiceJet, Turbo Megha (TruJet)

2. Belagavi to Mumbai – SpiceJet, Ghodawat (Star Air)

3. Belagavi to Pune – Alliance Air

4. Belagavi to Surat – Ghodawat (Star Air)

5. Belagavi to Kadappa – Turbo Megha (TruJet) – Trujet operations suspended

6. Belagavi to Mysuru – Turbo Megha (TruJet) – Trujet operations suspended

7. Belagavi to Indore – Ghodawat (Star Air)

8. Belagavi to Jodhpur – Ghodawat (Star Air)

9. Belagavi to Ahmedabad – Ghodawat (Star Air)

10. Belagavi to Ozar (Nasik) – Ghodawat (Star Air)

11. Belagavi to Tirupati – Ghodawat (Star Air), Turbo Megha (TruJet)

12. Belagavi to Nagpur – Ghodawat (Star Air) – Announced April 16, 2022

13. Belagavi to Jaipur – Ghodawat (Star Air) – Not Yet

* Currently all Trujet operations remain suspended

From the SaveIXG campaign to this wondrous state where a city is connected to 15 cities, it has been a wonderful journey in the skies.

From March 27 the Delhi Flight will be a daily one which will again boost traffic as the new Nagpur flight commences from April 16.

The role of the Director of Belagavi Airport Shri Rajesh Kumar Maurya has also been notable with his keen interest in getting the voices of the common citizens to reach the ears of the higher officials of the airlines and the ministry. His keen interest in also showcasing local talent at the airport is another feather in the cap.

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  1. Whenever people are departing from belagavi to any foreign countrythey are forced to travel in domestic flights whichdo not allow more than 15 kgs which is literally very less. Prior to covid this was not there. So we are forced to shell extra money for one extra baggage or we have to hire taxi from belagavi which is costly affair too. if Government should bring some rules to enable facility for connecting flights whenever people want to travel abroad which will be of great help.


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