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RoB- Maintenance of road surface shall be responsibility of state govt 

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Railway Over Bridge (named as per the resolution passed by the city corporation) on the Old Dharwad road at LC No.388 was been opened for the public on April 6, 2018.

The Work had begun on Jan 24, 2017.
But now the same is in a very bad condition with potholes, the joint steel plates open and driving on this is a nightmare.

old pb road dharwad road

We filed an RTI Information seeking about the Maintenance of the Road Over Bridges constructed in Belagavi city Belagavi city has 4 Road over bridges already constructed like OLD PB road in lieu of LC No3118. Road Over Bridge in lieu of LC No.305.

The SWR has replied –

As per approved drawing °written for responsibility of maintenance of road by state govt. of Karnataka. “Provision and Maintenance of road surface shall be the responsibility of road Authorities (state Govt ) on their cost for the entire portion of ROB /RUB.

rti rob

So by this is it is clear that the State Govt authorities, here the City corporation has to undertake the repair works. But it seems it does not want to do it.

Not only this but all the ROB’s have to be maintained by the state govt only.

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  1. With all the funfare & the stray incidents at the time of Opening ceremony of the heritage ROB, it is Sad to see the present condition of this ROB in such a short time of its use………..


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