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Belagavi should have a dedicated traffic police page

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In May 2011, Belagavi city had a dedicated Traffic police page for the citizens to raise their concerns, then as and when the officers were transferred the pages kept on going into sleep mode. Now the Commissioner of police page is very active and the Commissioner himself actively reads all the comments and then initiates action to be taken.

Now that the Commissioner’s page is gaining popularity with almost 2-3 stories a day, the police department should now focus on the TRAFFIC menace, and by making a new page on Facebook the users could report traffic issues and suggestions which can be used for effective traffic movement.

Over the years we have seen the rise and fall of the page related to Traffic police but now with People friendly policing, the best way to reach the citizens is the use of social media.

Why a different page?

We did go through comments on the existing page and we have found out many complaints are regarding Traffic, hence it makes complete sense to have a dedicated page, which can be handled by the ACP traffic all on his own and hence the response time will also be fast.

Earlier if someone commented on the Commissioner’s page, then after reading the comment it would be forwarded to the Traffic ACP, but no it can go directly to the ACP who can act promptly.

We hence hope a dedicated Traffic related page can help the City. 

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  1. We are very appreciated the traffic page by the Police department, as it is a concern problem of them then they only find the solutions, otherwise the they use as tools to handling traffic jams, some times they simply close the roads and invite to the Traffic Jam in the City. It’s very sad that the suggestion s and views of the General public, as the public faces the actually traffic jams, they must well come the matter and involves the public. The respective officers must get in touch with the Banks and Hospital s and other govt officers or college to notify the parking lot. Hope best wishes for the police. Thanks.


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