Belagavi Dharwad Rail line via Desur- KK Koppa – HC issues interim stay

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The High court has issued an interim stay order for the work on the Belagavi Dharwad new railway line from Desur to KK Koppa.

Prasad Patil and other farmers from Garlgunji approached the high court and demanded that the new line must not pass through the fertile fields. For which they had even suggested an alternate route which would be 4 kms extra.

The farmers who had approached the court maintained their side by giving details of the fertile land and also that they had met MP Iranna Kadadi and others and had suggested an alternate route that would avoid the acquisition of fertile land.

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But the said plan was not changed.

For two hearings as there was no response from the Railways, the court issued a stay order for the work on the Desur to KK Koppa stretch.

As of now the process to implement the Dharwad-Kittur-Belagavi rail line will be set in motion at a cost of Rs 927 crore at the earliest and the same was allocated in the budget.

As per the current plan, the line would pass through KK Koppa, Desur, Garlgunji, Desur, and Nandihalli.

The state govt will have to acquire the said land and hand it over to the railways.

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  1. development work cannot be blocked for the sake of a few individuals we must ensure that they are properly compensated but the work should go on

  2. If the land is fertile, check their fertlisers input and subsidy taken.

    If they have taken subsidy, they put criminal case for falsifying the facts.


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