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Forest dept was informed to cut the tree in March which claimed one life on Club road

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In an unfortunate incident, one person lost his life and was killed on the spot as a tree collapsed on him near Harsha club road on Tuesday.

It has now come to light that the residents on March 2, 2022, had sent a letter to the ACF Belagavi Forest department for the removal of the dry tree near Harsha as it could cause a fatality.

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The Forest Department did not act and now we have lost Vijay Kolhapure aged 65 from Kali Amrai for no fault of his.

The letter sent by the residents to the ACF states –

Just behind Harsha Enterprises and in front of Krish Apartment, an existing old tree which is almost dry in nature is about to fall and cause danger for property and human beings at any time. The said tree is a very old one and became totally dry and already in last week, a branch of a said tree fallen down on three parked cars and caused a huge loss for residents.

Therefore to avoid the further harm to the resident’s life and their property, we are requesting to arrange for the removal of a said tree which is very harmful and may fall down any time, and just below the branches of said tree electricity cables are there and the same may cause some more serious harm to the residents.

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Now if the tree had been cut then which was dry this fatality could have been averted.

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