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Belagavi Disaster Management Helpline numbers for the monsoon

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Each year many areas in Belagavi especially low lying areas such as Maratha Colony, shivaji Colony, Nanawadi, Shastri Nagar, parts of Gandhi Nagar, Fort Road etc face water logging.

There are blocked drains, trees fall and power is cut, to help the citizens in such scenarios the Belagavi city corporation has released these Disaster Management helpline numbers for Belagavi.

maratha-waterScene of Congress Road Maratha Colony in July 2016

Disaster Management Helpline Numbers for Monsoon
Central Helpline: 0831-2405337, 2405316
1 to 15 Smt Laxmi Sulgekar    
Executive Engineer South 0831-2461351 9449193973
Shri Mutyannavar    
Asst EE South 1 0831-2405308 9902454475
Shri S P Lolkar    
AEE HESCOM   9480881987
Sri Shrinath Kadolkar    
Forest Officer   9663369214
16 to 30 Dr Sashidhar Nadgouda    
Health officer 0831-2461351 9448276232
RH Kulkarni    
Asst EE South 1 0831-2405310 9448578287
Shri Paul    
AEE HESCOM   9448370244
Sri Ramesh G    
Forest Officer   9482044374
31 to 44 & 58 Shri R S Naik    
Executive Engineer North 0831-2461351 9448102297
Sri V S Hiremath    
Asst EE North 1 0831-2405307 9739817387
MM Shinde    
AEE HESCOM   9448094489
Sri S M Sangoli    
ACF Forest   9448119387
45 to 57 Sri MY Narasannavar    
Asst EE North 2 0831-2405309 8277587700
Sri Udaykumar Talwar    
Environment Officer 0831-2461351 9986961507
Sri Sudhi Gunagi    
HESCOM   9480883696
Sri SM Sambhoji    
Forest Officer   8197917008

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  1. What is the use of these helpline numbers when no help coming for the past six months from BCC to repair leaking sewage in P&T colony of Hanuman Nagar in the city?


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