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Belagavi engineering students lack of technical expertise in the subject

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Aravind Melligeri, CEO and chairman at Aequs Aerospace in an interview to the Financial Express said,

Belagavi has a large number of engineering colleges but due to lack of technical expertise in the subject, the learning remains limited. We are actively collaborating with the technical institutes in the region to induct Aerospace engineering and train young people.


Aequs SEZ, Aequs Aerospace, Belagavi, aerospace ecosystem, Aravind Melligeri, Airbus, Germany, US The common issue facing most aerospace and defence manufacturing companies across the world is the skewed balance between capacity and capability.

Manohar Parrikar & Arvind Melligeri at AEQUS Belagavi
File photo: Manohar Parrikar & Arvind Melligeri at AEQUS Belagavi

Aequs SEZ in Belgaum is a full-fledged aerospace ecosystem. The 250-acre SEZ is unique for a company as young as Aequs (started in 2009) and they have steadily built their expertise in the aerospace services in a way that has attracted global aerospace industry giants. Aravind Melligeri, CEO and chairman at Aequs Aerospace, talks about the company’s role in India in an interaction with FE’s Huma Siddiqui.

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5 thoughts on “Belagavi engineering students lack of technical expertise in the subject”

  1. So true. They are just paper degree holders. Absolutely no technical stuff. With the formerly better institutes going autonomous, it shall only get Worse. Create your own syllabus, Set your own paper and then correct them. Give good marks else students give negative feedback. Under VTU exams at least since the paper setting and correction is not by the college there can be some expectation from students. Although under VTU the way practicals are designed and evaluated is a joke.

    God Help our Engineering education.

  2. The trend has been set to convert into autonomous status, by withdrawing from VTU syllabi. The day we r all expecting ONE NATION – ONE SYLLABI, at par with NITs and IITs, not an easy task.

  3. Dear All

    Its very sad as we are only thinking in view of syllabus, marks and degree the person who scores highest or persons who scores low will not have skill sets developed until he/she is made to practically handle some technical projects have interactive workshops(areomodeling, building customized products, developing basic customized software etc..)where in they interact with different industries learn the various process and mainly Institutes need to develop a mind set in students to work at low levels at their start of career which always improve their skill sets if we focus on practical skill sets then theoretical our nation will be one of the leading nation in engineering skill sets.

  4. Bull shit the over qualified students are induacted at a low pay scale and are give operator jobs and they get fedup and quit the jobs and more over to my knowledge they do not have a policy for retaining and training the students it’s all false to blame the quality of education the company undermines the quality and productivity of the employed engineers they get people and have a policy to keep them as trainee for four years where as they get people to do jobs a low pay and how do you expect quality when you don’t tereat employees as assets and explore there talents they don’t respect the qualifications and expertise they have just taking it’s easy to blame the education system that’s all I would like to say as per my knowledge from a near and dear one employed with the organization and his experience.

  5. A student has many ways to gain technical expertise. Trying to do it by attending a professional college, is only one of the ways.


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