Rejuvenated Sulga Lake giving a new lease of life

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A 60,000 sq feet, 30-35 feet deep dead lake was dug up by the Pyaas Foundation under the able monitoring of the Sulga Gram Panchayat members and was handed over to the Gram Panchayat on March 7, 2017. The lake on the foothills of the Rajhuns Gad was being dug up under various schemes of the govt but with very hard rock manual labor did not reap any results.
Today after a year there is ample water about 20-25 feet as on end of March 2018 and also the trees on the banks of the lake are more greener than last year, a clear message that ground water table has increased and rejuvenating this lake has helped the water table rise.

Sulga village is one of those identified as drought affected and the source of water is very scarce in the village. The villagers had approached Pyaas foundation after they had rejuvenated a similar lake in Prabhu Nagar in 2016.

sulga lake pyaas
Feb End 2017
sulga lake pyaas
March end 2018 after a year

The work was commenced on February 9 and the villagers had knew no bound of happiness when springs emerged as the silt was being removed. Immediately experts in irrigation and water harvesting were called in to give their view and the further digging process was modified to suit the process.

The lake was completed in a record 15 days time which is spread over an area of about 1.5 acres and the depth is about 30-35 feet.

With the almost the end of March, and so much water in the lake it is an exalting site for us and there are no words to explain the felicity, said Madhav Prabhu, President of Pyaas Foundation.

Pyaas Foundation is a group of like-minded people who joined hands to rejuvenate lakes that had dried up due to drought. Their motto is to do the best they can before it’s too late to sail through another summer.

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  1. Belgaum will become heaven if we have such Noble people doing such jobs ! Hats off to all and hope for rejuevenation of more such lakes in around belgaum .hope for reforestation in around belgaum as massive deforestation has taken place .


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