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Inaugural SpiceJet Hyderabad to Belagavi Flight gets a warm welcome at Sambra

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Today was another historic day in the history of Aviation for Belagavi with the commencement of Hyderabad to Belagavi service by SpiceJet. With this daily 5 flights operate from Belagavi. Two to Bengaluru, one to Mumbai, one to Chennai and now the one to Hyderabad.

The inaugural flight saw about 40 passengers arriving and about 35 departed. Prakash Kalbag who was the first passenger to arrive was given the privilege of cutting the ribbon and each of the passengers were given a warm welcome at the airport.


Children from the Cantonment School, KLS Public School and Aptech Aviation mesmerized the people with their live performances.

Speaking to AAB, Rajeshkumar Maurya director Belagavi Airport said
It is a historical day as this is the fifth flight from Belagavi and we are hoping more flights to connect Belagavi especially Delhi and other destinations and even international destinations. In the coming days Belagavi could also see it self in the Phase 3 of UDAAN.

The Passengers and crew of the flight were very happy with the Grand welcome they got here and they were so happy that a small place like Belagavi can have such a grand welcome.


3 thoughts on “Inaugural SpiceJet Hyderabad to Belagavi Flight gets a warm welcome at Sambra”

  1. We wanna Belgaum to connect to every city n international to Belgaum must have an international airport connecting to all the countries. Very happy v wanna other fights to come down to Belgaum not just SpiceJet.n tickets a bit expensive compared to Goa must be lil less in Belgaum to may be in future v expect . Do try to expand the airport

  2. News has been swirling around for a long time about Belgavi airport expansion and runway additions, it is nice to hear that finally something is being done about all the money that has been spent for this project. Now one might have to wait in wonder as to how long this talk of flights connecting Belgavi to international destinations would drag on before it becomes reality. Congratulations on current accomplishments. Let us as a community thrive to make Belgavi and surrounding community to feel good, and more inviting to those who might be thinking to visit and explore this great city of ours.


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