Belagavi has Covid recovery rate of 79.87%

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Belagavi District Positivity rate (last 10 days) – 33.20% ( State 29.67% )

Belagavi District – Recovery rate – 79.87%

Belagavi District – Fatality rate – 0.23%

National COVID-19 recovery rate has improved to 83.04 per cent

With a high number of cases at present, and many reaching severity at a faster stage, and taking time to recover, has reduced the number of recoveries. However, testing and identifying cases at the mild stage can help boost the recovery rate.

It will take time for these people to recover as Belagavi has been seeing a huge spike in cases.

If the spike starts going down and the number of people under treatment reduces, we will see the recovery rate going up.

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More number of tests results in picking up patients at an early stage, when they are mildly symptomatic. If testing is not carried out efficiently, there will be a delay in tracking patients who are in a severe condition, resulting in death. We need to test, trace and isolate early for better recoveries.

The Average recovery rate since April 2020 is 80% for Belagavi.

The average tests since May 1 is 2900 while the Average positivity rate for the same period is 27.67%.

The number of tests have been reduced to under 3000 on average.

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