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Belagavi! its a barricaded world out there

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The state Government announced the Lockdown for 14 days and the police are on their toes to implement the same.

We ll yes it has to be done to break the chain.
Barricading on day 1 was nominal with cops around asking why was one on the road just like last time in 2020.

But on day 2 it was a shocker to see barricading of many roads even side alleys leading to the main roads were barricaded with nuts and bolts.

First gate was barricaded, so was Third gate and all the alleys next third gate.


The Ganpat Galli, Khade bazar corner was also barricaded.

Kirlosakr road, small alley near Nav graha temple is also barricaded.

Doctors who have clinics in the city are unable to reach hospitals.

Dr. Vardraj Gokak, Gastroenterologist said Barricading main roads will cause lots of problems. It’s difficult for patients to reach hospitals. We are dealing with a health emergency not a law and order situation. Main roads shouldn’t be barricaded.

Samadevi Galli is barricaded at Union bank corner, Maruti galli Nargundkar Bhave chowk corner is also blocked.

Deshmukh road, Angol main road is also blocked.

Patil galli before shani temple is blocked

Khanapur Road, Main Road, Opposite to Cantonment Board Gate, police not letting entering towards fish market, but it is not permanent barricading.

One more woman who had to take her mother for vaccination could not come out as all roads were barricaded for her.

Narsinha Patil tweeted – This is due to the unnecessary installing barricades at main roads causing traffic chaos! And completely sealing the vegetable market premises, which should have allowed to function at 50% capacity!

Ravi said he had to travel 1km extra just for medicines due to the barricades.

Girish who had to drop his relatives after a jab had to traverse into the small lanes and after 30 mins was able to drop them at Deshpande Galli. otherwse it was a matter of 10 mins, he added.

Patil Galli at Amba Bhavan, High Street Camp also baricaded.

4 thoughts on “Belagavi! its a barricaded world out there”

  1. What’s the logic of barricading area’s where there’s hardly any population living and most of the essential commodities outlets are anyways not allowed open

  2. They are doing so much on side of the city and here near Nehru nagar, Shivbasav nagar and Shri nagar everyone is roaming around without masks as if nothing has happened.

  3. Entire Bauxite Road stretch,Hanuman Nagar circle; Azam Nagar area people are moving as though nothing is happened and also without Masks etc. Very sad to see such irresponsible citizens.If we go to tell them they bounce back as ignorance.
    How much can any authorities take care its upto individuals as citizen of India should follow law and rules.

  4. How it should be: Measure 10 times, cut ONCE.
    How it is: Measure once, cut 10 times.

    Be safe . . .
    be RESPONSIBLE . . ,
    and STAY blessed everyone


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