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Belagavi launched as a global hub for drones and electric vehicles

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By uday

The Karnataka government is taking bold steps to transform Belagavi into a global hub for drones and electric vehicles (EVs). To achieve this goal, the government has dedicated 500 acres to this sunrise segment. The Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) is leading the charge and is set to sign up the first batch of investors on Friday. The event, called DRoEV-2023, saw 200 stakeholders, including industry leaders, policymakers, the research and development community, and startups, participating in the exercise of setting up a new tech hub.

This initiative is part of the state government’s efforts to position emerging tech clusters from across the state on the digital global map by 2026.

Belagavi has the end-to-end capability to manufacture drones and EVs, and there are many startups that have already developed prototypes and products that are going into manufacturing. It was a natural choice for KDEM to make Belagavi a destination for EVs and drone manufacturing.

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Belagavi is already home to 16,228 registered micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as over 250 startups, many of which are component producers. The city is now poised to become a global hub for drones and electric vehicles, thanks to a partnership model that involves the government, industry players, and research institutions.

This exciting development will bring together the best minds in the industry to create a thriving ecosystem for innovation and growth. By leveraging the strengths of each partner, Belagavi can create a world-class cluster that will attract investment, talent, and customers from around the globe.

The government’s support will be crucial in providing the necessary infrastructure, policies, and incentives to encourage the growth of this new industry. Industry players will bring their expertise, resources, and networks to the table, while research institutions will provide the cutting-edge knowledge and technology needed to drive innovation.

Together, Belagavi can create a vibrant ecosystem that will not only benefit the local economy but also contribute to the global effort to build a more sustainable future. With Belagavi at the forefront of this exciting new industry, the possibilities are endless.

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