Launching of Belagavi as the Global Hub for Drones & EV

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The government of Karnataka is set to launch Belagavi as the global hub for drones and electric vehicles (EV) with the upcoming DRoEV-2023 event on March 24. This exciting initiative is part of the Beyond Bengaluru concept and will be held under the aegis of the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM), which aims to develop industries in different parts of the state.

The KDEM sources have revealed that the primary objective of the event is to promote the existing industry in Belagavi and foster more collaborations with national and international players. The ultimate goal is to establish Belagavi as a global hub for the drone and EV industry.

Belagavi already boasts of component manufacturers for both industries, and the industry has been developed from the ground up. There are many success stories that have emerged from this region, and the government is keen to build on this momentum.

DRoEV belagavi

The DRoEV-2023 event is a significant step towards achieving this goal, and it is expected to attract a wide range of stakeholders, including industry leaders, investors, and policymakers. The event will provide a platform for showcasing the latest technologies, innovations, and products in the drone and EV industry.

By further pushing both industries in Belagavi, the results will multiply in a short period. This exciting prospect will be celebrated through a daylong, power-packed programme with over 200 participants, including industry leaders, policymakers, the research and development community, and startups.

During the event, around 20 stakeholders and sector experts will share their stories, providing valuable insights into the potential of these industries. Belagavi has already proven to be a fertile ecosystem for many emerging start-ups across the EV and drone industry, and the capabilities of this region are truly impressive.

To capitalize on this potential, KDEM will create a new industry cluster and host the launch event – DroEV-2023. This initiative will bring together the best minds in the industry to explore new opportunities, share knowledge, and drive innovation. With the support of the local community and the dedication of industry leaders, we are confident that this event will be a resounding success, paving the way for a brighter future for Belagavi and beyond.

The primary goal of this upcoming event is to put Belagavi on the global map as a hub for drones and electric vehicles. The aim is to attract global investors to engage with local industries, partners, and the supply chain. This event is also an excellent opportunity to showcase the local talents, intellectual property, products, and innovations while creating a conducive manufacturing environment.

Esteemed dignitaries and key speakers such as CM Basavaraj Bommai, electronics, IT-BT, science and technology minister C N Ashwath Narayan, Randheer S, director of Electric Mobility, NITI Aayog, and EV Ramana Reddy, additional chief secretary, department of electronics, IT-BT, science, and technology, who will grace the occasion with their presence.

This event promises to be an exciting and informative experience for all attendees. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of something truly groundbreaking!

The government’s vision for Belagavi as a global hub for drones and EVs is an exciting development that promises to create new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. With the right support and investment, Belagavi could become a leading player in the global drone and EV industry, driving innovation and growth for years to come.

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