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Belagavi looses the IIT Battle

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Minister R.V Deshpande met minister of Human resources Smt.Smirit Irani and handed over the recommendations, which suggest 3 places namely Raichur, Mysuru & Dharwad for the establishment of the new IIT in Karnataka.iit belagavi belgaumgaum

With this recommendation by the state govt Belagavi has lost its battle for the establishment of an IIT in Belagavi or even nearby.

Minister R.V Deshpande has urged the Central Government to send a team to assess the suitability of the 3 locations identified by the State.

There were various groups who had pressed for the establishment of the IIT in Belagavi have lost the lone fought battle.
Marathon meetings, resolutions and signature campaigns have not gained anything. Whom to blame is your choice, but one thing for sure we lost a golden opportunity.

9 thoughts on “Belagavi looses the IIT Battle”

    • True Sheetal. Political inefficiency is hampering the growth of this district, while it is also true that “we” ourselves are not serious and aware and damn care to fight for such issues. Our District-in-charge minister could have taken up seriously and persuade the CM to include Belagavi’s name in the list.

    • I totally disagree . IIT preferred locations are given by the Karnataka Govt. represented by Mr.R.V. Deshpande .

  1. Belagavi always looses the battle in terms of development. The reason is “we” ourselves are not serious about our city and its requirements. Politicians too are not united on such matters. Our District-in-charge minister Mr. Satish Jarkiholi could have taken up this matter seriously and persuade the CM to include Belagavi’s name.

  2. A place where many people love to ride on wrong side of the road, where the government is not capable of impose helmet rule for riders, where autos never run on meter — dreaming about IIT is probably bit way beyond. Let’s fix these things first.


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