8 year old wonder Cricketer – Manikant Bukitkar


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In this cricket crazy nation, we have people of all ages following cricket and also playing the game. We just came across a small Standard II student from St. Xavier’s school, who at the age of 8 faces fierce fast bowling without any fear.

Manikant Bukitkar of Belagavi
Manikant Bukitkar of Belagavi

This little man is Manikant Bukitkar. He is Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka and his talent has been encouraged by everyone. Currently he is training at the Vijaya Cricket Academy.


Former Cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar has invited Manikant to get himself trained at his Dilip Vengsarkar Cricket academy. Also recently Anil Kumble appreciated his talent in batting.

Manikant now practices daily for two hours in the morning and evening and Sachin Tendulkar is his role model. He is being trained by Ravishankar Malshet. Manikant’s parents also are very supportive and have always encouraged him to go ahead and play the game.

Manikant Bukitkar of Belagavi
Manikant Bukitkar of Belagavi
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