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Belagavi North Helpline numbers – MLA Asif Sait

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According to the promise outlined in the election manifesto of MLA Asif Raju Sait, he announced the launch of four private helplines (Belagavi North Helpline numbers) for the convenience of the people residing in Belagavi North Constituency. These helplines aim to address and attend to citizen complaints and problems within 24 hours.

During the assembly elections, Asif Sait made a commitment in his manifesto to establish a helpline dedicated to resolving the grievances and issues faced by the people. In line with this promise, his team has successfully set up four helplines that are now fully operational and ready to serve the public. These helplines will address complaints and problems related to health, sanitation, education, roads, sewerage, drainage, water, electricity, and more within the Belagavi North Constituency.

belagavi north helpline

Upon receiving complaints on the helpline, the team will promptly review and follow up on them by forwarding them to the relevant department. Additionally, the MLA will personally oversee and address any necessary actions to resolve the issues at hand.

Belagavi North Helpline numbers





Currently, many wards within Belagavi North are grappling with problems concerning roads, sewers, drainage, and more. Sait said he is committed to addressing these issues one by one. As soon as citizens register their complaints or problems on the helpline, the team members will gather the necessary information promptly. Subsequently, we will make every effort to resolve the problems or complaints as quickly as possible by liaising with the appropriate authorities. In cases of serious complaints or problems, MLA will personally intervene and ensure a thorough follow-up.

The helpline number will be operational from 10 am to 5 pm every day, providing assistance to the citizens of Belagavi North.

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