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Belagavi North MLA spent 8.55 lakhs for COVID treatment of self and kin applies for reimbursement

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Anil Benake, BJP MLA from Belagavi North got a bill for Rs 8,55,856 for the treatment of COVID which includes Rs 1.92 lakh on his treatment and the remainder on treatment for his wife, daughter, and parents.

Many of the MLA’ S who have now been cured of COVID have applied for reimbursement. BJP’s Raibag MLA Duryodhana Aihole, who has submitted a Rs 3 lakh bill, Bhadravathi Congress MLA BK Sangameshwar has filed a bill for Rs 5.11 lakh, Gurmeetakal JDS MLA Naganagouda Kandakur has filed a bill for Rs 5.52 lakh and many others.

The Rules laid down by the govt oblige them to take up the medical expenses of the elected representatives and their families. But in the case of COVID treatment, an infected person, whether private citizen or public representative, must first be registered by the government and then be referred by the government to a private hospital for Covid treatment.

Anil Benake

Only then is the patient entitled to reimbursement of the treatment costs. If a person is admitted directly to a private hospital, bypassing the government system, the government is under no obligation to bear the treatment expenses.

Now it would be interesting to see if the Govt pays up the bills of the MLA’s and kin or will adhere to COVID guidelines.

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6 thoughts on “Belagavi North MLA spent 8.55 lakhs for COVID treatment of self and kin applies for reimbursement”

  1. I’m 100% sure that these MLA’s bill will be reimbursed even they admitted directly to KLE or other private hospitals, they will make govt hospital staff to create fake referral, it’s all golmaal Bhai, these so called MLA, MPs & minister’s in India work on me, mine & my principal.

    We public are to be blamed to elect non performing candidates.

  2. It is a shame to see the person who represent my Constituency and who has assets few cores has to seek Tax Payers money for his Covid treatment! This shows the confidence he has in our Govt. Hospital and staff. With this act he has proved that he is. O better than earlier MLAs who looted people.

  3. Shame on this no development in the name of Smart City
    Only Money Shame on me who selected this gold digger.
    Wasted my vote


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