Belagavi Police Ensure Peaceful Holi Celebrations with Comprehensive Security Measures

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By uday

In anticipation of the vibrant Holi festivities, Commissioner of Police Ida Martin has announced extensive arrangements to ensure a safe and colorful celebration in Belagavi city tomorrow. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining peace and order during the festivities, Commissioner Martin highlighted the concerted efforts undertaken by law enforcement agencies to facilitate a joyous yet secure environment for residents and visitors alike.

In a statement released today, Commissioner Ida Martin expressed confidence in the preparedness of the police force to manage the Holi celebrations effectively. He assured the public that every measure has been taken to prevent any untoward incidents and to uphold the spirit of the festival.

A key aspect of the security arrangements is the installation of 300 CCTV cameras across Belagavi city which are apart from the 300+ already installed in the city. Also, Drones will be deployed. These cameras will serve as vigilant eyes, monitoring the streets and public areas to deter any potential disturbances and swiftly address any security concerns that may arise. This strategic deployment of technology aims to bolster the efforts of law enforcement personnel and enhance overall safety during the festivities.

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In a significant move toward inclusivity and security, all women police personnel from various stations will be actively engaged in ground duties during the Holi festivities. This measure aims to ensure the active participation and safety of women during the celebrations.

Furthermore, in a bid to regulate activities during the Holi period, Ida Martin has issued an order imposing liquor sale and traffic prohibitions across Belagavi Taluk from March 24, 2024, until 11:59 pm on March 25, 2024. This proactive measure is aimed at curbing instances of public disorder and ensuring smooth traffic flow throughout the city.

Commissioner Martin emphasized the importance of celebrating Holi responsibly, urging citizens to play safely. He also issued a plea to refrain from applying colors to school students, particularly those appearing for exams such as the SSLC students, acknowledging the significance of maintaining focus during this crucial period.

As the city prepares to immerse in the colorful festivities of Holi, the collective efforts of law enforcement agencies underscore a commitment to safeguarding public welfare. Citizens are encouraged to cooperate with authorities and embrace the joyous spirit of Holi while prioritizing safety and respect for all.

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