Belagavi police to add ANPR Cameras to Reduce Traffic Violations

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The Belagavi City Police Commissionerate, Belagavi District is to finalize the tender for installing 200 more Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to curb traffic violations.

A tender has been floated for the Supply, Installation, and Comprehensive Maintenance of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software (ANPR) Camera and Lane discipline ITMS in Belagavi City Police Commissionerate, Belagavi District

The Tentative locations where those will be installed –


Near Suvarna Saudha

5 km from Hirebagewadi

Ambadgatti 19kms from Hirebagewadi

Tegur Belagavi Dharwad border

commissioner of police office cop

The system will work on AI-DL platform to capture the vehicle number plates with high accuracy.

The system would be developed and built on an operating system-agnostic platform, should work on servers and storage solutions, and should be database agnostic.

The System will automatically detect a vehicle in the camera view using video detection and activate number plate recognition.

System will be able to detect and recognize the English alpha numeric license plate in standard fonts and formats for classes of vehicles such as cars, Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Three Wheelers and Two Wheelers.

The deep learning based ANPR system will improve the number plate detection for up to 90 percent for four wheeler vehicles with standard number plates during the daytime.

The system would detect the vehicles with no number plate and should raise an alert (Visual & Audio) alongwith the video and snapshots of the vehicle.

The system would allow the operator to set traffic rule such as “no heavy vehicles during certain time of the day” for selected traffic junctions. The system should identify the heavy vehicles and generate an alert in case the vehicle is violating the rule within the configured time.

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