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Belagavi session to cost 31 crores

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The Deccan Herald has filed this story, which states legislature secretariat has sought a whopping Rs 31 crore from the state government to conduct the winter session in Belagavi, scheduled to start from November 13.

This is almost double the amount that was collectively spent by the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council secretariat last year.

In 2016, the secretariat had spent Rs 18.75 crore to conduct the session in Belagavi. This year, however, the secretariat has proposed an additional expenditure of Rs 13 crore, citing price rise and Goods and Services Tax (GST). This is over and above the approved budget of Rs 18.25 crore by the Finance department.

svsThe government has sanctioned Rs 21 crore. Police department itself has sought Rs 4 crore (last year 1.5 crore).

The netas will get Rs.2500 as traveling allowance if in Belagavi and those who are accommodated in Hubballi will get Rs.5000 per day. Lunch will be served at the SVS Belagavi.

31 crores for a 10 day session is a huge bomb on the states exchequer and during all the session no constructive discussions or decision were taken with regards to North Karnataka. It looks like the 28% GST component hit the session the most.

2 thoughts on “Belagavi session to cost 31 crores”

  1. Instead they should spend money for development of Belgaum this is not democracy people should not have elections they should nominate the MLA

  2. After such a waste what to we get? Nothing. 31crore is huge figure and for what? Just sitting and talking but not working. Don’t why this things happen in India? Why don’t you learn from Europe and Americans? When will you spare innocent people?


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