Belagavi Should Thank The President Shri Ram Nath Kovind

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Each and every Belagavite should express their heartfelt gratitude to The President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind, for accepting to come to Belagavi and take part in the Platinum jubilee celebrations of the KLS society and RL Law college on 15 September.

For months together there were protests in various forms, the media wrote about bad roads and when it was time for the President to arrive, the Regional Commissioner said in a meeting that, ‘Belagavi roads are NON MOTORABLE’ and then the authorities even decided to fly the honorable President to the venue to which the Rastrapati Bhavan declined.


The city is all decked up from the airport to Udyambag, all the potholes have been filled, in many places new roads have been laid over night, dividers have got a holy bath, they have been painted, the medians have blossomed with plants with flowers which is making this city look a smart city.

But all this has happened due to the President and once cannot take away the credit for this, and we as citizens must express our gratitude towards the honorable President of India.

Tomorrow many roads will be closed for traffic during the VVIP movement but we all must accept it as it is due to HIS visit that, we have got motor-able roads now.

One can write to the following address: Public Relation Officer, Museum, President’s Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi – 110 004
E-Mail Id: ksamresh[DOT]nbt[AT]nic[DOT]in

16 thoughts on “Belagavi Should Thank The President Shri Ram Nath Kovind”

  1. Miserable Roads were long awaiting repairs work in Belgaum and finally our President was the reason were the concerned authorities woke up and realized they have to work and show that all is well in the administration.Yes ,the President deserves a BIG Thanks for his visit but shouldn’t the authorities should be ashamed for not performing thieir duties .It would be good if VVIP do visit Belgaum more often..

  2. I must really thank the h, president of India
    For visiting BELGAUM. Because of his visit
    Our roads are liable to ride.thanks onec again.

  3. The good part of president’s visit is that the roads are being repaired(which is not permanent) another rainfall in city and roads are not visible and this act of the govt is dishonorable where they do not hear the plea of a common man. They only wake up when there’s is some vvip visiting the city. What is the point of showing the vvips that city is all set to be smart. It’s all getting decorated for tomorrow and only the roads where president will be passing by. What about the other roads and increasing dust in the city post the rains? The blemished roads and dust in the city is deleterious to a every person in the city.

  4. Mr Editor, We need Quality Work.
    Haven’t you noticed that Third grade work being done for a third grade city with people of third grade thinking.
    Sorry to say this,but this is the truth.

    The road repairing is of very bad quality and potholes will appear very soon.
    This smooth road will not even last a week more than two hours of rain.

    Speedbreakers and divider stripes painting is done improperly with single layer light coat of low quality chunna paint ,that won’t last even two weeks.
    Why waste of money on temporary works that will fade back so soon.
    Footpaths repaired so badly.tiles laid improperly with lack of concrete and more of sand and mud.
    I request you to Just come to the ground and see the truth and then publish the correct things

    We are taxpayers, we deserve quality work,not THOOK POLISH.

  5. Well said AAB. We should really thank KLS for inviting the President. Belagavi is wearing a changed look. Finally all roads are repaired and they have become motorable:).

  6. Yes,please thank the president for a visit he is taking so that our potholes in Belgavi got covered up for now ,once he leaves the area our potholes will be opened up again. How about requesting him to reside in Belgavi until the city get smarter.

  7. Thank you very much KLS for inviting President bcoz of his visit at least Belgaum got good roads after this rainy season in time. Thanks & keep it up all concerned person depts for your speedy action & ratification.

  8. Dear sir,
    Thanks for comining to our city. but we are not happy because only the way which you are passing are repaired please go through the other roads n look at the road which is bad condition of roads. I think this is not a smart city. the way which you are passining only has been patchup work it is not a perment work. Big waste of money if this money is used for a poor people OR farmer they will blesses you.

  9. Total showoff. There’s no respect for a common man. We pay taxes, maintain cleanliness in the area, abide by the traffic rules, elect good leaders, expect development from leaders and they don’t even attend to our problems. Complete 4-5 months the condition was worse in Belgaum to move from one place to another, huge traffic and big potholes and now its just one single night they decorate the city only for VVIP’s coming in, aren’t we human!

  10. I wish the President of India had a mobile office which will be continuously drove around each city everyday,

    Good roads will be maintained
    People will do more in less time as they can travel faster
    Less fuel will be burnt by vehicles and less pollution
    Common man’s money will be saved as he is saving on time, fuel and less vehicle maintenance

    But wait, if you start saving money you will get wealthier and live a good lifestyle, how can that be allowed to happen? no ways, if the common man will not spend, how will our dear corrupted politicians live a lavish life?

    Dear lord, please give the people of my country to elect a leader during election who can work for society’s and country’s betterment and not just for his lust for money and fame.

    So I send this message out to the people of BELAGAVI, please maintain your society clean and neat. It will save you a lot of money indirectly.


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