Belagavi station to have a big Charkha at the front


In an attempt to increase passenger amenities and to give an aesthetic makeover to the most visited stations across Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways has formulated the plan to redevelop 90 stations across Indian Railways. The redevelopment plan of 90 stations is assigned to different zones/ nodal agencies.

Since Belagavi has history of Mahatma Gandhi visiting there, Belagavi station to have a big Charkha at the front. Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) is keeping elements of local heritage in facade/redevelopment of station buildings.


It may be noted that Indian Railways is in the process of redevelopment of more than 600 stations. While doing this, efforts would be made to showcase local culture or history to reflect in the station façade. For instance Aurangabad station is to be developed on lines of Ajantha or Ellora, Agra station is to be developed on lines of Taj Mahal, Ujjain station is to be developed on lines of Mahakaleshwar temples, Nagpur station to have a big orange in the premises. 


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  1. Please develope the entrance road from gate to the station it’s pathetic the broken road our vehicles n wheel bags get damaged

  2. Don’t you think first they should make it a junction and have many more trains start from Belagavi… If somebody want to travel to Chennai, Gulbarga, or Solapur, one has to pay heavily for bus tickets and travel in bus or first travel from bus to Hubli and then get a train from there. This inconvenience must be solved first.


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