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Belagavi Traffic Police is unable to find cars on the footpath?

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Ajit Patil received a reply from the Belagavi Traffic Police ACP, regarding previously filed RTI with respect to the actions taken to obey the directions issued by the Hon’ble Karnataka High Court regarding footpath parking.

As per the reply received, the ACP claims the following: From the date of order till date.

Total Cases Amount Collected
Footpath Parking: 155 Rs.69000
Footpath encroachment: 101 Rs.10100
Riding on Footpath: 64 Rs.32000

Wrong Parking/Haphazard Parking: 4652 Rs.4432500

On the face of it, it appears like Belagavi Traffic Police is doing a commendable job and have managed to collect about Rs.4,54,3600 fine.

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However, when one takes a closer look at the data given, one will very soon realize that the reply is no less than misleading to divert the attention from the true problem, one can very well notice that there has been blatant negligence by the officials in actually interpreting the true intentions of the Hon’ble High Court’s directions regarding Footpath being encroached.

If the Officials could file 4652 cases for wrongful/haphazard parking on the road, can’t the same thing be done for vehicles on the footpath, which is rather a bigger offense, why were there only 155 cases of footpath parking?? Or just 101 cases of footpath encroachment?? Is it because the Traffic Police were already regulating the Footpath violations (Which we all know is not true) or is it simply because the Police did not o give any heed towards Footpath parking or the Hon’ble High Court order for that matter.

The morning jogger/walker can barely use the footpath, the situation is the same across the city, multiple complaints to the Traffic Police personnel have yielded no result and now even the Hon’ble high court’s order isn’t been taken seriously.

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8 thoughts on “Belagavi Traffic Police is unable to find cars on the footpath?”

  1. Let the ACP check the foothpath opp Niyaz at Tilakwadi. Let him check Deshmukh Road. Replies to RTI have become a joke. Unless and until they are penalised for giving class info, we need to keep up the pressure.

  2. Near Azam nagar all the fruit sellers have encroached the footpath there is no place to walk there are more than 20 fruit shops on the footpath what a waste of public money . Please take action and remove illegal encroachment . Why police doesn’t take action on this kind of people.

  3. I agree with this footpath as well the new cycle track is also encroached in almost all areas. I notice in hanuman nagar circle ,on footpath all most more then 20 chat & snack vendors doing there business ,then where the pedestal should walk on footpath.
    Same case with civil hospital road, Azam nagar.road ,…No value for footpath

  4. Let’s see how local bodies react, and i dont think elected member observe these common problems as stated in all above comments

  5. Foot path encroachment problem local corporation has to take action.
    Real problem is there is no hawker designated areas.
    Local body is still unable to regulate the weekly market in the khasbag area.
    Hope traffic police and local corporation will work together to reduce common man’s woes.

  6. I have seen in Belgavi, public do not follow traffic rules. They drive on wrong side and argue if pointed to them

  7. Do check out the area near big bazar. There is no empty footpath left. It is being used for construction material storage, parking, vendors etc


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