Belagavi Triple murder accused arrested


The horrifying triple murder of a Mother and her two children were murdered at Kuvempu Nagar area has been cracked by the police in less than 24 hours.

37 year-old Renna Rakesh Malagatti and her two children Shahithya (5 years) and her son Adhithya (12) were murdered when her husband Rakesh Malagathi had gone to Goa.
Police said the act was committed by Praveen Bhat(23). 
Praveen S Bhat resident of Shayadri nagar was arrested last night at 11 and the knife which he had properly washed and kept was also recovered. The act was committed due to an alleged forced illicit relationship. belagavi-murder-accused


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  1. I don't know what the truth is so no comments about that all I want to say is let the three souls rest in peace

  2. Those 2 babies …what wrong they had done ?? Praveen you are looking very good ..but is there a heart in your chest?!!!????? how brutally you have killed 3 lives ????? you are not a human being….you should be punished and Hats off to Belagavi police…Shame on you Praveen

  3. He's my 2 years junior n ashamed saying dt we're from the same school. It sounds disgusting wen we say that he has killed 2 small children's in spite of no mistake.
    Ppl like him should be seriously punished with 3rd degree.
    Feeling ashamed?????????

  4. Police acts very good and punish the culprits, But it only fails when there is communal violence in Belgaum because of Politicians involements in investigating 🙂
    Please allow police to take action then there will not be a single communal violence in Belgaum

  5. He could have used his good looks to make a life for himself, instead of killing innocent children & a mother & rotting his life away in a jail……

  6. Well definately the culprit should be punished
    Well this is not the first and last on either the problem how do we solve this matter
    Loved ones are killed cause of jealousy greed and sex
    Well today this Culprit is caught row a another
    The issue is how do we solve this social issue
    What can be done to change the mindset
    All the comments and suggestions welcome
    God bless and let their souls rest in peace


  8. Very disturbing How mentally ill and sick people that they go t the extent of killing. And that too innocent children. He should be hanged in public.

  9. My God !!! what a Shame 3 lives snuffed out by such monstrosity, if anybody deserves a capital punishment this animal a sorry excuse for a human being does, Hang Him.

  10. 23 yrs of Age !!!
    Really it upsets me when i read it.
    The Result 3 life's(2 innocent) + 1 current life of Mr. Bhat,,,all gone.
    I Believe that there Must be a "Social Science" subject for every student irrespective whether in School / College / University. They must be classes to inform youth how to handle situations in their valuable life.
    But Unfortunately we find nothing. We see only the concept of Career Career Career,,but beyond that there is a social life. If the students are not taught about the "Social life" then what is the use of their so called CAREERS..

    • Well said Irfan,
      Our education system should change. At very young age itself, our schools should start inculcating values, ethics, how to respect each others, cleanliness,…….etc., Our education is more towards career less towards values and social life….


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