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Belagavi’s First Flyover to be 4.5 km long

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A 4.50 km flyover will be constructed in Belagavi city, extending from National Highway-48 to Kittur Rani Chennamma Circle, to improve traffic flow. This ambitious project, which is the brainchild of District In-charge Minister Satish Jarakiholi, has now commenced.

To discuss the implementation of the flyover project, a coordination meeting was held on Saturday, January 6th, at the DC office. The meeting was chaired by DC Nitesh Patil and attended by officials from various departments.

The construction of the flyover is a response to the growing traffic congestion in the city. It aims to ensure smoother vehicular movement in the future. The flyover will pass through the National Highway near Shankam Hotel, Ashoka Circle, Sangolli Rayanna Circle (R.T.O.), and will ease traffic up to the roundabout and Kittur Chennamma roundabout.

Moreover, the flyover will be designed to accommodate the new super specialty hospital and the new district collector’s office complex.

Belagavi’s First Flyover to be 4.5 km long

Belagavi’s First Flyover Project details:

The flyover will start from National Highway (NH-48) near Sankam Hotel, passing through Ashoka Circle and Sangolli Rayanna (R.T.O.) Circle, and extend up to Kittur Rani Chennamma Circle.

Rotaries will be constructed at Ashoka Circle and Kittur Chennamma Circle to facilitate smooth vehicular movement.

There will be three ramps in total to facilitate smooth traffic flow in the area. One ramp will lead to the bus stand, another will connect to the RTO on the roundabout side, and the third ramp will join the Mahantesh Nagar side road at Ashoka Circle.

Similarly, at Sangolli Rayanna Circle (R.T.O.), there will also be three ramps. These ramps will connect Chennamma Circle, Krishna Devaraya Circle (Kolhapur Circle), and the bus station.

Additionally, a service road to Sambra Airport through a Road Over Bridge (ROB) is also proposed.

To ensure the successful implementation of this project, it is crucial for BSNL, Hescom, KSRTC, and the Urban Water Supply Board, along with the officials from the respective departments, to take the necessary steps. District Collector Nitesh Patila has directed that the systems related to the respective departments, which fall under the scope of this project, should be temporarily shifted.

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