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Moral Policing Incident in Belagavi: Two Individuals Detained

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A young boy and girl, who are siblings residing in Yamnapur on the outskirts of Belagavi city, were sitting at the Fort Lake premises when they encountered technical difficulties with the registration process. These difficulties arose due to server issues while they were trying to register their names for the Yuva Nidhi scheme.

While waiting on a bench, a group of unruly youths approached them and launched a vicious attack. The assailants then forcibly confined the victims to a nearby room by the lake, subjecting them to a brutal assault that lasted for an agonizing three hours.

The assault that took place in the shed was driven by a grave misunderstanding. The perpetrators, in their ignorance, questioned the presence of the young man and the girl, assuming a romantic entanglement. Despite their sincere efforts to clarify that they were nothing more than siblings-in-law, their pleas fell upon deaf ears. Desperate to prove their innocence, the young man even reached out to his uncle, hoping that his testimony would put an end to the escalating situation. However, to their dismay, the uncle’s phone was switched off, leaving them in a state of alarm and uncertainty.

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Without wasting a moment, the young man immediately informed his parents about the distressing incident. Filled with concern and a sense of urgency, the family hurriedly made their way to Kote Kere, where the assault had taken place. Determined to find their loved ones, they tirelessly searched the area, their hearts pounding with fear. Finally, their ears caught the agonizing screams of the victims, and without a second thought, they summoned their courage and stormed into the shed, ready to rescue them from the clutches of their tormentors.

Both victims were swiftly transported to the district hospital, where they now find themselves receiving critical care in the Intensive Care Unit. The ordeal they endured during the horrifying three-hour assault has left them physically and emotionally scarred, their lives forever altered by this senseless act of violence.

In response to the distressing incident, the local Market station police wasted no time in arriving at the scene, determined to conduct a thorough investigation. Their swift action has already led to the arrest of two minors who have been identified as the culprits responsible for this heinous crime. However, the police are not resting on their laurels and are actively pursuing the remaining individuals involved, ensuring that justice is served and that no stone is left unturned in their quest for truth and accountability.

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  1. Great job, Market Police!
    I hope the assailants gets the severest of the punishments so that other smartass volunteers dares not repeat such a thing in future.


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