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9 arrested: FIR on 17 persons: Moral Policing case of beating siblings

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A mob in Belagavi viciously attacked a young girl and boy, mistakenly believing that they were involved in an inter-faith relationship near Fort Lake Belagavi. Shockingly, it was later revealed that the victims were siblings.

The incident unfolded when a 23-year-old boy from the Lambani community and his 22-year-old Muslim sister were peacefully conversing near the Fort Lake tank bed. Without any provocation, the mob intercepted them, fueled by their misguided assumptions. Ignoring the pleas of the innocent pair, the attackers forcefully dragged them to a nearby room by the lake and subjected them to a brutal assault.

Arrests made

Mohammed Inamdar, Atif Ahmed Sheikh, Saif Ali Magdum, Umar Badegar, Ajaan Kalakundri, and Ryan Rotwale are the arrested accused. Two other boys are minors and an FIR has been registered under Section 10 of the SC and ST Atrocities Act.

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  1. When humans act like animals , they should be left into a deep forest with animals, so they can live their fate there. Rubbish movies like Animal showcase to the youth that violence makes them feel like true men – in their thirst for money they spoil young minds.


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