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Live bullet found in a passenger’s bag at Belagavi airport

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By uday

An incident has come to light involving the discovery of a live cartridge in the bag of an army officer who was departing for Hyderabad from Belagavi via flight.

Upon inspection, it was determined that the officer had inadvertently left the cartridge in his bag during training exercises. It is important to note that the officer in question had traveled to Belagavi for official training purposes and was en route to Hyderabad upon completion of the training. During the routine bag check at the Belagavi airport, security personnel discovered live cartridges and pellets within his belongings.

Upon being detained and questioned, it became evident that the individual in question was a senior army officer. This distinguished officer, currently serving in the Indian Army had traveled to Belagavi for additional training. Regrettably, during his return journey, a live bullet was discovered within his bag.


Promptly, the airport security personnel handed over the officer to the Marihal police station. The officer cooperated fully with the authorities, explaining that he had unintentionally overlooked the presence of the live bullet in his bag while traveling.

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