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Neglected Drainage Woes Plague Belagavi City Ahead of Monsoon

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Residents Alarmed as Clogged Drains and Inadequate Maintenance Worsen Pre-Monsoon Woes

As the monsoon season looms closer, residents of Belagavi are growing increasingly concerned over the city’s deteriorating drainage system. The neglect of routine maintenance by the Belagavi City Corporation has left streets inundated with stagnant water, posing significant health and safety risks to the populace.

Despite the imminent threat of heavy rains, reports indicate a stark absence of staff from the Belagavi City Corporation engaged in drain cleaning activities. Consequently, the once-efficient process of drain clearance has ground to a halt, leaving many thoroughfares inundated with overflowing drains. This negligent approach has been particularly evident in the neglect of main stormwater drains, which remain choked with debris and refuse, intensifying the risk of flooding in the coming weeks.

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Recent pre-monsoon showers have served as a stark reminder of the city’s failing drainage infrastructure. Streets across Belagavi from Ramdev Galli, fort Road, Kahde Bazar Shahpur, Kahsbag, Pangul Galli and many more have transformed into veritable waterways, with clogged drains unable to cope with even moderate rainfall. The situation has been further compounded by the inefficacy of the much-touted smart city initiatives, with drains designed to facilitate water flow failing to fulfill their intended purpose.

Frustration among residents is perceptible, with many expressing dismay at the apparent disregard for public safety exhibited by the authorities. “It’s appalling to witness the state of our city’s drainage system,” remarked one resident, who preferred to remain anonymous. “With less than 30 days until the onset of monsoon, the lack of action from the City Corporation is simply unacceptable.”

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The repercussions of this negligence extend beyond mere inconvenience, with concerns mounting over the potential outbreak of waterborne diseases and the increased risk of flooding in low-lying areas. Furthermore, the failure to address these issues in a timely manner reflects poorly on the efficacy of municipal governance, prompting calls for urgent intervention from concerned citizens. The citizens are also at fault as they tend to fill debris in the gutters which in turn increases such waterlogging.

In response to mounting pressure, officials from the Belagavi City Corporation have issued assurances of prompt action to rectify the situation. However, for beleaguered residents grappling with the consequences of inadequate drainage infrastructure, such promises offer little solace in the face of impending monsoon rains.

As the countdown to the monsoon continues, the onus lies squarely on the authorities to prioritize the maintenance of drainage systems and ensure the safety and well-being of Belagavi’s residents. Anything short of decisive action risks plunging the city into chaos once the rains descend.

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