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Belagavi City Corporation Establishes Four Rescue Teams

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In response to severe damage caused by consecutive days of torrential rains, the Belagavi City Corporation has swiftly established four specialized rescue helpline teams to handle disaster relief efforts. Municipal Commissioner P. N. Lokesh announced the formation of these teams, ensuring that each of the city’s four divisional offices is equipped with a dedicated Disaster Response Team.

Each team, comprising 11 members including a leader, will be responsible for rapid response in their respective subdivisions in the event of emergencies caused by stormy weather. The team heads are as follows:

  • North Sub-Division 1: Sachin Kamble,(Contact: 8867295104)
  • North Sub-Division 2: Ankit, (Contact: 8892580045)
  • South Sub-Division 1: Parshuram, (Contact: 9538477634)
  • South Sub-Division 2: Kiran Mantrikeri (Contact: 9449731560)

These teams include junior engineers from the construction department, environmental engineers, health inspectors, revenue inspectors, and bill collectors. The Commissioner’s directive mandates that team members must respond immediately to any reported damage or emergency situations caused by adverse weather conditions.

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The decision follows the recent pre-monsoon rains which left Belagavi residents struggling with inadequate municipal response due to the corporation’s involvement in election duties. The Commissioner personally surveyed the damage on Monday, listening to citizens’ grievances and assessing the immediate need for relief and repair.

Residents are urged to promptly report any issues caused by the rains to their respective divisional offices, ensuring quick action from the newly formed rescue squads. This proactive measure marks the first time the Municipal Corporation has formed dedicated rescue teams ahead of imminent monsoon rains, aiming to mitigate the impact of such natural disasters on the city.

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