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Belagavi’s Harry Alexander authors The One Technique

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Learn how 20% of your mindfulness leads to 80% of success in life

Harry Alexander is an internationally-known life coach who also is a licensed master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; and a ICF-approved, CCA-certified life coach.

Harry has served in the Indian Navy as a commissioned officer for 7 years, and further, 15 years of experience in the corporate world. He is a disciplined practitioner of the Vipassana meditation technique.

Born and brought up in Belagavi, Harry completed his schooling from St.Paul’s high school Camp, then GSS and then got a bachelors degree in engineering from KLE College of Engineering and Technology.


Over the last few years, he has been coaching internationally, speaking and writing. The transition from the corporate world to the world of mindfulness is part the inspiration for this book. His current endeavor is to bring attention to the most important moment — ‘the Now’ and be mindful.

He has now authored his first book “The One Technique” which is written for you to harness the same power available in each moment that contains all the possibilities of life and living.

We caught up with this life changing Author to get more insights from him on the book and his journey –

So tell us more about this Book first ?

Are you familiar with the Pareto Rule of 80/20?
Do you know that by spending as small as 20% of your time being mindful you can be 80% more successful in what you do?

The One Technique is written and designed for those who want to overcome resistance within and achieve success without. Here, I have tried to share with the readers my journey of how being mindful using mediation was the single most powerful tool to turn his life around from the misery of smoking and drunkenness, a near breakup, loss of a job, to a life of peace, abundance and a harmonious relationship by living his true values that bring him joy.

80% of the most successful people interviewed by Tim Ferris for the book Tools of Titans meditate in some form or the other. If you want to get on a ride that can change your life and be the Titan that you are meant to me, it is vital that you begin your journey, and Now!

The next Question then would be, Why this book ?

There was a time when I “thought” that my life was absolutely fantastic, a job overseas, money coming in, traveling around the world for my job, wife and kid at home confortable etc – The things that we feel are all good and fun to have.

However unbeknownst to me trouble was brewing. I was hardly at home so family life was going down hill, I suddenly lost my job-which I never thought I would, add to all this misery I always thought I was a social drinker, in reality I was hitting the bottle almost everyday- a mild alcoholic in the making was what I was.

My wife was the light bulb. She insisted that I have a hard look at life and what I wanted to do. At the same time I was asked a question by a dear friend and colleague from the Indian Navy “Harry when will you start giving back to society?”

As part of that hard look at life I went deeper within myslef to find the answers and the answers did come. One of the key turning points in his life occurred when he questioned himself, “Do I need to be thinking all the time to be alive?” This moment occurred during a moment up in the hills in Penang, Malaysia. Since then, life has never been the same.

This book is my effort to get as many people on the path of a “happiness project” A life fully here and Now.

Any plans to come and launch this book in your home town?

I long and want to come to Belagavi and launch my book here as well. I have learnt so many things here which are part of my life. So coming here is a must.

Any experiences from the book launch you would like to share?

The Pune City book launch was another miracle. The One Technique is a string of miracles for me. There were 1400 people who turned up for the event orgainsed for book lovers and me being part of that event to launch the book and be part of the panel discussion was just amazing. My vision of being an author, speaker and life coach were all being played out in that one instant on stage. I was glad to be part of the event where I could add value

The book is available on Kindle and also as paper back edition.

“Mind Creates your Reality- Use it Wisely”

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