Belagavi’s Journey of UDAN 3

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When all the SpiceJet flights got diverted and we the people in Belagavi started showing a lot of resentment over it, but this criticism raised some strength, in understating to take this battle to next level, the battle to mass and the political class where it needs to be heard rightly and hit strongly.

Blessing in disguise came in when Save IXG campaign on twitter started by Aequs CEO Mr. Arvind Melligeri, now a resident of Belagavi and a native of Hubli. His dream enterprise to build the ecosystem of precision aerospace manufacturing in Belagavi requires airline connectivity as a continues need for frequent foreign delegates visiting SEZ

This campaign was much-needed spark to ignite the fire among we Belagaviites and went on to the next level and it was also headed using a social network platform WhatsApp  by Chaitanya Kulkarni, Sachin Sabnis and Yogesh, besides the much-needed media push by AllAboutBelgaum, and Pragatvahini of Mr. MK Hegde “Belgavige Flight beku” all this turned into a revolution.

This group brought in all the trade bodies under one forum, and all the forum heads like CREDAI’s Qais Noorani, KASSIA’s President  Basvraj Javli, Mr Rajeev Kaul CFO from Aequs, also the ladies wing Dr Sonali Sarnobat, industrialist Soniya Netalkar and Monika Sawant and many more lawyers industrialist  in their various capacities  contributed to the cause of much needed push to get the flight operational to the historical Airport of Belagavi in the state.

This forum now had one lacking factor to say and that was political will, with as usual “chalta hai attitude”, but the citizen rage and anguish this time enlighten our political representatives to shun their do-nothing attitude to act upon, there is where the whole journey for the inclusion of Belagavi under UDAN 3 started.

saveixgIn their personal capacity they all lead a delegation taking our elected representatives to the corridors of power in Delhi and that made a huge impact but though with initial disappointment of non-inclusion was a setback and best backed by rival MP to curtail as new flights to Belagavi means less load for the them and his constituency and keep Belagavi with minimum flights of Bangalore.

The D day and what next. On Jan 25th, 2019 UDAN 3 RCS routes were announced Belagavi got the highest number of bids on the list and destination

The speculation is high again, SpiceJet which has moved out, did their best to be back in skies of Belagavi for routes which were yielding high occupancy during non UDAN services, Ghodwat’s star Air which actually evinced and published its launch form Belagavi was driven to Bangalore as base of operation, has come up with massive route connection from Belagavi staring from 6th of Feb to Bangalore, the hopes are high that Ghodawat relocates home base as Belagavi soon.

Belagavi constitutes a very large cosmopolitan crowd of Defense establishment and the business establishment here have niche identity in hydraulics and engineering products and not the least the educational institutions and medical world-class facilities, in the coming days the skies of Belagavi will more colorful with  crisscross of Airlines and new destinations, giving the best to people of Belagavi and nearby places

This article is a tribute to all the contributors for a cause cannot though draft all the names, and much more left still to fight for and to bring the glory back to our lovable liveable city “Belagavi Belgaon Belgaum”, well  signing off with words of praise to them

We Belagaviites can fight any cause naturally because valor is in our Blood”

About the Author: Satish Kumar is Sr. Systems Engineer working in Dubai and hails from Sambra and has done a detailed study about Sambra Airport and its impact on Belagavi.

11 thoughts on “Belagavi’s Journey of UDAN 3”

  1. The connectivity should have been first to all the major cities even if they weren’t under udan scheme. As you see in Hubli. Kochi and Goa flights are always cancelled or unoperational most of the time. Same would be the case according to me in most of these routes.. If major cities would be connected and people flying.. slowly budget flights would kick in and be successful! Anyways let’s hope for the best ! #saveIXG

  2. Nicely summed up article by Satish Kumar. Kudos and thanks to all the contributors who made it possible. Feel proud with Josh on high!!

  3. It’s a good move from central govt connecting to good cities , many cities couldn’t get at least these facility Belagavi has seen markable improvement these days god give more strength to these potential places

  4. Congratulations to all the people who directly or indirectly contributed in this endeavour. I am sure this will be benefited to many of the Belgaumites in near future. Hope airlines will start their operations soon and wish them well.


  6. Dear Uday,
    Hope this will spur development in Belgaum with more industries being set up.
    Now #Save IXG movement and Belgaumites should push for more planned development of the city.

    1. Road infrastructure should improve. Was in Belgaum in last August after a gap of 7 yrs. As usual the roads were in a pathetic shape especially the Congress Road with unmotorable roads.
    2.With Hubli already having many flights all over the country and Belgaum also following, you should pitch Belgaum as a Ideal investment destination. Having Hubli as another airport within 100 km radius ie less than an hour drive on a 6 lane highway and connecting to places where Belgaum is not, should be taken as positive strength to pitch investments in Belgaum.

  7. I think Hubli dharwad- Belgaum in coming years both will become twin cities like metro city Bangalore,only praying doesn’t work,main smartness development comes or start arise from IT software hub companies,so think on that ,in Belgaum all the sites lands are acquired by buda n political leaders,no water facilities,then how city will grow ,ya my dream was to settle in Belgaum ,about me knows well,due to my site was acquired by buda ,now I planned to Hubli from past 4 yrs and Iam happy in Hubli , definitely Hubli will click than buddaha belgavi,no humanity to buda bastads…my shaappa to those idiots,they should not do like this,seeor check my craze about Belgaum in FB from past 6 yrs how I texted how my dream shared supported about namma belgavi,all got washed in water …call me 9591461061,now Iam hating belgavi

  8. This issues will definitely impact on Belgaum one fine day,like this so many issues may be there so lacking behind for Belgaum

  9. If you guys compare me about Belgaum development,I stand senior amoung all from day one i started chatting with ..after reading this may be you guys thinking iam mad or foolish but this is true.just think on this

  10. Thanks to Satish kumar who has summed up well and remembering the people who stood for bringing back the glory of Belgaum.
    Being part of Aequs family, I am really proud to have our CEO getting involved for revival of flights from IXG under UDAN 3.


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