Belagavi’s Vayavya Labs makes major contribution to the Tech World

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Belagavi Head Quartered – Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd., a Technology Software company with offices in Bengaluru and presence across US, Europe & Japan, has been steadily making news the past month for its contribution in developing world standards for Semiconductors & Systems domain. For the past 14 years, Vayavya Labs has been offering its expertise in embedded software across EDA, Semiconductors, Automotive, and Communications verticals through a large repertoire of solutions.

The Company holds 11 US patents covering EDA/ESL, Embedded SW and SW Automation domains.

It’s a proud occasion and an important milestone for everyone in the journey of Vayavya Labs.

As a rare feat in any global technology standards, Vayavya Labs is part of a trendsetting event. Several team members of Vayavya Labs put in their heart and soul (and intellect) in the Hardware-Software-Interfaces (HSI) specifications design, development and contributing the same at Accellera standards (Portable test & Stimulus Standards (PSS) draft 2.0 with HSI) which was announced on 18th November 2020. Principal Architect, Karthick Gururaj whose leadership and technical expertise ensured that the DPS constructs make it to PSS 2.0 and who represented Vayavya Labs at the DVCon Event where the PSS was unveiled before the world

PSS 2.0 along with OpenHSI™ for PSS test realization will help us carve a niche in the PSS test realization space and put Vayavya Labs on the niche space of Software-Driven Verification technology domain.

Belagavi Vayavya Labs RK Patil
RK Patil

It is apt time to appreciate & bring-forth the faces who made this happen:

· Karthick Gururaj

· Uma Bali

· Uma Bondada

· Anjana Hosur

· Ashwini Naik

· Venugopal Kolathur

· Santosh Michael

· Shrinivas Nagareddi

· Sandeep Pendharkar

whose efforts and contributions on PSS, and DDGEN will be remembered for a long time as industry adopts these new standards! This is a result of nearly 5 years of collaboration after the 1.0 specification was released and lays the foundation for more development in the near future. Vayavya has played a major role in developing the standard.

What is Accellera Day

Accellera Day India 2020 is a technical program, sponsored by Accellera Systems Initiative. With the help of interaction with industry and academia domain experts delivering keynote speeches and tutorials, Vayavya Labs has been a part of the Accellera events for the past many years. This year, it was organized as a virtual event on 2nd and 3rd December and hosted online from India.

What did Vayavya Labs contribute?

A standards body consists of several work-groups which are headed by specialists in the domains. Vayavya Labs as a member of PSS-WG has contributed technology (definitions, implementation know-how and sample applications) to the PSS2.0 standards. Our engineers were specifically involved in a test realization related enhancements and co-ordinated contributions from other collaborators. This is based on many years of our experience with Hardware-Software-Interfaces (HSI) and automation. Along with contribution in standards body Accellera, Vayavya has also initiated an industry outreach in the form of OpenHSI(TM) forum. This initiative is to further the adoption of HSI and R&D leading to Test Realization for Semiconductors verification & validation. For more details please visit

For years, Vayavya Labs recognized the challenges faced by growing complexity in Semiconductor design, verification & validation. The holy-grail of SoC verification & validation is to use near production application software as a part of verification & validation. Our investments in HSI & working as parts of Accellera standards body has finally culminated in making these investments as Global Industry Standards. The Hardware-Software-Interfaces (HSI ) would quickly enable our customers to adopt PSS for SoC Test Realization. HSI is the software or programmer’s view of the SoC, IP, its interconnects & several other logics that a hardware designer puts together.

For the past decade and over, Vayavya Labs has been offering its expertise in embedded software across EDA, Semiconductors, Automotive and Communications verticals through a large repertoire of solutions & services. With a portfolio of 11 international patents covering EDA/ESL, Embedded SW and SW Automation domains we are able to provide innovative solutions that help the customers & industry.

OpenHSI™ is a software library ready to be integrated with any Portable Stimulus solution for SoC Test Realization.

What is the Accellera initiative-

Accellera Systems Initiative is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to create, support, promote, and advance system-level design, modeling, and verification standards for use by the worldwide electronics industry. It comprises of members from varied backgrounds (Like vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd.) who fully support the work of its technical committee to develop technology standards that are balanced, open, and benefit the worldwide electronics industry..

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