Belgaum City Corporation will be shifted to new premises by 16

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Belgaum Corporation New Building
Belgaum Corporation New Building
Belgaum City corporation
Belgaum City corporation

he Belgaum City Corporation (BCC) commissioner has been directed, to shift BCC head office to the new building (Near SP office) and to hoist only national flag atop the new building by March 16, 2009.

CM, Yedurappa during the session period, inaugurated the BCC office. Even after the opening, still no work was being done from there.

For the people of Belgaum shifting is just another reason for their pending work not to be done. Now if you approach the corporation fro some work you will get an answer stating shifting is going on so once that is finished lets see. When shifting will be over, the files have not yet come or need to search and one more thing election time so our boss is on election duty so nothing can be done now.

Such answers will be heard in the days to come. What will Belgaum gain by shifting the BCC to the new premises is to be seen.

Source: Deccan Herald & inputs

1 thought on “Belgaum City Corporation will be shifted to new premises by 16”

  1. The only thing that can be gained of shifting the BCC office is that it will fund the people standing for election. As it is the people working for BCC are corrupt now they will demand for more money for everything. The best reason will be Sir/Mam there is someone else appointed in the old bldg so we need to make him happy too so that he will search your file soon and then there is another person who is in charge for maintaining these records so we will have to make him happy too and then I will have to take my cycle from here to the old office and get it again i will have to take it back…………………….. Well in the whole process all these corrupt politicians will make money and fund their election campaign. How unfortunate is the fate of my country. Well think before you vote……………………. all are corrupt basterds……….. be care ful


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