Bizarre way of Holi celebration on Deshmukh road

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The colorful Holi is over in major parts of the city. Shahpur will play on Sunday, Rangpanchami.

The most happeniholidng road, Deshmukh road has a bizarre way of celebrating holi, you must have seen the same in the video posted earlier on this blog.

Nothing was different today either, same old tearing of clothes and throwing them on the wires along the road.

Clothes hanging
Clothes hanging

See the photos take by Team AllaboutBelgaum which shows you the how bizarre the scene must have been in the morning. You can see clothes hanging on the wires along the road. In one picture you can see a middle aged man sitting down looking at these pieces of clothes lying on the road.holid2



I remember this to have started when I was in college i.e. in 1994-95 period may it had started earlier but even then it was a bizarre scene and nothing has changed with time. holid3

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  1. It is absolutely disgusting to see this work of useless,nuisance hooligans who take our city to ransom every holi.Holi is the festival of colours & should be celebrated in joyful but in a civilised manner.The way it is being celebrated at deshmukh road and some parts of the city is a dreadful reminder of barbarism that still exist in our country.Really shame on the people who did this!they are not even eligible to become citizens of our country!


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