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National Flag and Saffron Flag atop Belgaum Corporation
National Flag and Saffron Flag atop Belgaum Corporation


 Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) has expressed its annoyance over the district administration’s decision not to allow hoisting of the bhagava (saffron) flag on the new administrative building of Belgaum City Corporation.



The MES will launch a protest against the same they said. The DC rejected the MES delegation plea stating that the High Court has directed that only the tri colour could flutter on the building.

The flag will be hoisted or no will only come to know on 16th.

History of the Saffron Flag:

This flag hullabaloo dates back to July 3, 1958 when the Belgaum City Municipality (became a corporation in 1982) passed a resolution proposed by K SDeshpande and which was supported by Javalkar and Kudachikar, which stated that a Saffron colored flag be hoisted along with the National flag atop the Municipal building.

The government never cancelled that 1958 resolution so it was deemed as accepted. Unless there is a consensus, the saffron flag cannot be removed, it was said.

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