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Belgaum-Clean Zone Project to start from Deshmukh road

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cfslogoCitizens for Society, a group of individuals, an NGO, dedicated to “Educating for Change” has commenced educational programs at three vernacular medium schools in Belgaum. English teaching and academic development activities are carried out at the schools. The program will soon be extended to other vernacular medium schools in town.

As part of extending the role of education to social change, the group has associated with the Belgaum Municipal Corporation for their “Clean Belgaum” Project. The group has already conducted two cleanliness rallies in town on the 15th Aug and 22nd September and in these rallies the members collected trash from Deshmukh Road and Samadevi Galli-Khadebazar areas. About 18 bags of trash so collected, was responsibly disposed in Municipal bins.

As extension of their efforts and to find a more permanent rather than symbolic solution to the problem of waste disposal, the NGO proposed the establishment of “Clean Zones” in major areas of the city. The first project of this nature is to be implemented jointly by the Citizens for Society and the Belgaum Municipal Corporation at Deshmukh Road Belgaum.cfsbgm

As part of this implementation, the members will hold a rally at Deshmukh Road along with representatives of the Municipal Corporation on 27th Oct 2013. The implementation project will be formally announced and the residents and commercial establishments will be informed of the details of the said disciplinary project. Under this project, the municipality will provide for a periodic collection of dry waste from individual commercial establishments, thrice a week and street-side bins will be provided for disposal of wet-waste which will be cleared on a daily basis.

Informatory boards will be put up in the area, requesting residents and the floating population to dispose waste responsibly. People who violate this rule will first be warned and subsequently penalized for the violation. Citizens for Society will take up the responsibility of educating citizens of their role in keeping the area clean while representatives of the Municipal Corporation will look into issuing warnings, penalization and providing the necessary facilities and services for the waste disposal.

The Citizens for Society wishes to thank the representatives of the Municipal Corporation, specifically the Municipal Commissioner Priyanka Frances and the health officer team headed by Dr. Satish Potdar for their cooperation in context of the proposed implementation. The NGO also wishes to request other citizens to join their projects in making Belgaum a better and cleaner city.

Interested individuals are requested to contact: 09611313919, for further details.

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