Belgaum corporation again superseded

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The high court had quashed the government’s decision to supersede the elected body of Belgaum City Corporationwas in violation of provisions of Article 243 (U) of Constitution of India.
After this secretary of urban development ministry heard the 58 members and today the state govt again superceded the corporation.
The corporation was superceded last December after the Mayor took part in the black day celebrations and also reasons of meetings not held was given.

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  1. Shame, where is the democracy if elected members swearing by the constitution of India are supressed by an autocratic order.

    How different was it in British days. We then called it fight for freedom..then why not now.

  2. We should take an objective view of the issue. If indeed the CCB has violated the rules (read an article from TOI) about number of meetings conducted etc, then the state govt has every right to take such action… It’s not undemocratic as the relevant Law gives the state govt the power to take such action… it’s according to the rule book.

  3. Now some people started speaking about democracy,,,

    What you Say/said when the democratically elected members did illegal and unloyal work with the state government and with people of Belagaavi ?

  4. Nothing great done… It usual business of Kar-natak. All political parties & its leaders fighting with one another & among themselves for powers. Be it BJP, JDS or Congress. The kannada-Marathi dispute dont mean anything to them. We here are just fighting with one another without any reason. Belgaum, be it in Karnataka or Maharastra – was suffering, are suffering and will be suffering (for lack of development etc, etc)
    So guys please don’t boil your blood on these petty issues.

  5. DEMOCRACY “KARNATAKA” STYLE IN ACTION. The reasons given for superseding are pathetic at best. If “meetings not conducted” is the criteria, how many local bodies in Karnataka should be dissolved/superceded.

    An RTI petition will soon reveal how other parts of the state fare in terms of the violations cited for BCC. This is pure and unadultered KANNAD HEGEMONY in a MARATHI DOMINATED REGION.

    The struggle in alive and well!!! LONG LIVE THE STRUGGLE!!!!!!!

    Jai Maharashtra!

    • But then this is what happens if the mayor and her deputy promotes hatred between communities instead of doing what she is supposed to do ie development of the region.Other city corporations dont playout petty politics unlike BCC. THEREFORE THE GOVT ACTION IS FULLY JUSTIFIED.Btw belgaum district is kannada dominated.

      • OK…Let’s start by setting the record straight on your last statement. The fact that MES controlled the BCC and the mayor is (was) Marathi is in itself proof positive that Belgaum is Marathi (and NOT kannada) dominated. That is how elections work; the majority in a governing body IS THE ONLY indicator of demographic make-up of the area.

        Supporting a locally popular people’s movement (i.e. “Kala Din” on November 1st) is by no means promoting hatred between communities. The mayor was well within her constitutional right of freedom of expression when she supported the “Kala Din”. For your information, the right to freedom of expression (Articles 19, 20, 21 and 22 of the Indian Constitution) guarantee individual rights of expression, WHICH the karnataka government as well as YOU are completely ignorant of. Further, the mayor is not endowed with executive powers and hence “development of the region” is not part of the (widely misunderstood) job description.

        Small and large city corporations thrive on politics, small and large. That is an integral part of their job. If you think city corporations/municipalities/ministries/ state governments etc. dont play politics, I would like to know what you are smoking.

  6. @ MES Supporter

    Mr do you think India is full of SARDAAR”s or PUNJABI’s ? because Manomohan SINGH is our prime minister….

    Kuch bhi bakane se pehle ,,, SOCHO…..


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